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Five on Friday

Anyone else in complete disbelief that it's already the end of April? Where the heck did this month go? How are we only three months away from wedding day?!

Linking up for another Five on Friday with April. 
I took my wedding dress to the alterations shop last week and got to try on the dress again for the first time since purchasing it all the way back in October.

Good news! I still love it every bit as much as I did then, if not more. Between putting on the dress again and receiving proofs for our wedding invitations this week, it's making this whole wedding thing feel like it's beginning to come together. Three months to go!
Columbia friends: you need to check out Twisted Spur Brewery. ASAP.

It's been open for almost two weeks now and I've managed to get over there twice. The food is outstanding {get the chicken fingers, trust me} and their beers are even better. Not a beer fan? That's totally fine. They have a huge selection of wine and liquor {especially bourbon} for you to choose from.

Check back next week for more on Twisted Spur.

Believe it or not, but there's actually an event at Riverbanks Zoo that I've never been to before: the Wine Tasting! Patrick and I are going tonight with my parents and I can't wait. The Wine Tasting is held in the Botanical Gardens which is particularly special to me these days...

I haven't been back to the gardens since the day that Patrick proposed and I'm excited to go back tonight! Just not so excited about the 90+ degree weather we've got in the forecast for today. 

There's a cute furniture shop in Columbia called Carolina Imports. It was previously on Gervais Street {where Twisted Spur is now!} but has since moved out to a new location on North Main Street. Y'all. It has some of the best furniture! I went this past weekend on a mission to find a headboard but instead found some great glass cabinets instead.

I need all of these in my life. Now I just have to have a house to put them in!
Can y'all believe that it's almost officially May?! May is going to be such a big month around here for more reasons that I'm at liberty to share just yet, but trust me, it's going to be a fun one. From weddings to road trips to bridal portraits to beach days to more Fireflies games to summer weather perfect for dining al fresco... bring on May!

{PS - Goose Island Summertime Kolsch = the best summer beer. Ever.}


Happy Friday, y'all! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. We have a similar store to that furniture one around here and I love it. It's like a treasure trove of gems! Have so much fun this weekend--it'll be exciting to go back to the place where the proposal happened! And yay for still loving your dress! I have a feeling you'll love it more and more the closer you get to the day! Three months is when things feel totally real and got warp speed ahead! So exciting!!!!

  2. Ah well now I want to know why May is going to be so amazing haha!! Have fun at the wine tasting tonight! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Wedding dress fittings were always so stressful for me haha!!! My body is very much hourglass and it was hard for them to get my natural waist fitting just right. But they eventually got it! I know you are so excited and ready for that day to get here!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Ooooh, so exciting that you are getting the dress altered now! I was almost afraid to see my dress again, but then I loved it even more than before ;) ~xoxo, Hannah (www.HannahAtHomeBlog.com)

  5. So glad you still love your dress! :) Only 3 months to go- so exciting!!! :)

  6. aww yay! its such a great time girl! great post friend! so glad i came across your blog! hope you'll stop by mine! happy friday!

  7. The brewery and wine tasting both sound like so much fun!! How exciting you were able to try on your dress again - things are getting more & more real Im sure! Happy Fridayy!!

  8. Yay for trying on your dress- it's so exciting!! The month before the wedding is complete craziness so start early :)

  9. Yay for your wedding dress!! Those chicken fingers look amazing as does the al fresco dining! Yay for May!!

  10. I was soooo nervous to put my dress on after all that time! I was worried that I wouldn't like it anymore! Good news, I still loved it! Glad you love yours too! Such an exciting time :)
    Evelina @ Fortunate House


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