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The Fireflies Experience

Three games over the course of five days. I don't know how actual baseball players do it with a game almost every single day. It's kind of ridiculous. I am officially worn out.
But it was worth it! I can now say that I was there the night that baseball came back to Columbia and I saw them win their first home game.
Game #1: Fireflies vs the Greenville Drive {4/14/16}
4-1, W

Opening night! That alone was enough to make this game exciting, but by the end of the night, we had ended up on the rooftop of the super swanky first base building {thanks to my friend Ashley & her husband}

It was Thirsty Thursday which meant there were some excellent drink deals that only got better as the night went on. By the 5th inning, all drinks were $2.50. Deal.

The night ended with a win & a lot of {super loud} fireworks.

Game #2: Fireflies vs the Greenville Drive {4/16/16}
5-3, L
We came into game #2 armed with useful tips & tricks from game #1. First of all, anticipate lines. For everything. Second, make sure you eat at some point during the game.

We watched the first three innings of this game in our seats before spending the next three wandering the concourse in search of food, drinks, and different views of the stadium. Our favorite place to sit was at the Homerun Bar back behind centerfield.

& we found this guy!

Game #3: Fireflies vs the Charleston River Dogs {4/18/16}
13-1, W
This game was a celebration game for us: my fiancé was finally free from tax season & we were out to celebrate with some friends. & celebrate we did.

Patrick finally bought his Fireflies hat & I wasn't entirely sure how I felt about us having matching hats. He was pleased.

Our seats for this game were in section 106 and were right behind home plate. We had a great view from here! I'm excited that we have tickets to two other games this season in this section. However, for the next midweek game? We're going to be getting the $5 tickets & sit out in the grass area.

Why? Because they have rocking Adirondack chairs and it's super close to the Homerun Bar. And because you can heckle the outfielders from out there. Poor #15 from the River Dogs was subjected to us during the Fireflies 8 run inning that never ended. He handled it well and turned around to wave a few times.

What a great {even if they were exhausting} few days of baseball! We're taking a little break from baseball but don't worry. We'll be back for sure. Check back on Friday for the top 5 reasons you need to get yourself to a Fireflies game this summer.

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  1. So fun! I love your matching hats. :) At least his is a tiny bit different.

  2. How fun! I would totally want to sit in the grassy area too!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Looks like so much fun, although I can see how you'd be worn out haha. Baseball is my favorite sport to watch in person!

  4. So fun! I love going to baseball games! And rooftop seats? Yes please! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. So fun! I actually grew up going to Rainbows/River Dogs games! I love baseball and one of the things I'm super excited about moving to DC is having an MLB team (even if it's the wrong one - I'm a Braves fan). I'm so happy you posted this because we have a minor league team here and have been meaning to go to a game. I was thinking about going this weekend but forgot until I saw this post, and I just checked the schedule and this weekend is the only one they'll be in town for before we move in a couple weeks. Good timing ;) Oh and I'm a fan of the matching hats haha! Super cute.

  6. How fun! I have no idea how baseball (or basketball ) players manage to play practically every day ahha!

  7. that is definitely a lot of baseball! and your matching hats are too cute. love the sound of $2.50 drinks!

  8. I love the hats, cute to have even if you aren't a fan!

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