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The Fireflies are Coming to Town!

Y'all, it's almost here.
This time next week, Patrick and I will be sitting with one of our friends in the brand new Spirit Communications Park to watch the Columbia Fireflies play the first game of their inaugural season in Columbia.
I. Can't. Wait.
Seriously, I can't, so Patrick and I went to check out the new ballpark this past Sunday when they held their fan fest. We were able to get into the new stadium for the first time to check everything out.

{yes, that's a Fireflies hat AND a Fireflies t-shirt. I totally nerded out for the occasion} 

It is a spectacular stadium.

They have done such a great job with the new stadium and they have thought of so many things to make the stadium great. My personal favorites were the grassy seating areas {that are only $5 per person}...

...and the tabletop seats that they added to the top of a few sections. The tables have 4 swivel chair seats and for $50 per table {$12.50 per ticket, only $2.50 more per ticket than a regular seat} you get four tickets and you get a server for the evening.

Um, what? Sold. We're a little annoyed that we didn't know about those seats until after we purchased tickets for quite a few games this season but you better believe that we'll be getting seats there at some point this summer.

The stadium was completely open to check out, so we got up close & personal with the field and we also headed upstairs to where the box seats are.

Great view, right?

What I wish is that I worked in the building that's along the first base line. Super convenient on game days and how awesome would it be to look out over the stadium from your office?

I'm working on a plan to get to play in this area... even though I'm easily 3-4 times the age of those this was designed for. Just wait. One day I'm getting on these things and it's going to be spectacular.

Anybody else super excited about coming out to see the Fireflies this summer? I remember going to Capital City Bombers games growing up, especially one on the 4th of July one year. It was so unbelievably miserably hot that day {it was Columbia in the summer, after all} but we stayed until the end to see the fireworks. For nostalgia purposes, I might have purchased two tickets to the 4th of July game this summer... here's hoping that it won't be as hot as it was that last 4th of July baseball game I went to!

Here's also hoping that the construction doesn't last forever and that the rest of Bull Street Commons pops up soon.

{PS - just found out that they will be pouring & serving River Rat Brewery beer at this stadium. Go on. Try and keep me away from here this summer.}


  1. That park is gorgeous! Sucks you didn't find out about the table seating until after you had already bought tickets but that's such a great deal! Definitely worth the $2.50 more! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. What a gorgeous park and the table seating sounds amazing! I have plans to go to the Durham Bulls games this summer a couple of times. Jess at Just Jess

  3. So fun! Love baseball. Just waiting for "baseball weather" here in Michigan!


  4. The park is gorgeous! I forget sometimes that we have AAA baseball here, I need to make it out to a game!

  5. Ahhh I love going to baseball games - so much fun! The new stadium looks awesome and I bet once they get the rest of the area going, it will be even more fun!

  6. oooh those tables look awesome, server for the evening? that would be so dangerous haha. not gonna lie, i'm not one for baseball normally, but we just booked tickets for a game/concert/watch the fireworks thing for thunder over louisville, i can't wait!

  7. That stadium looks awesome! We have a minor league team here in Grand Rapids, The Whitecaps, and the games are always fun :)


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