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All About the Breweries

By popular request, I've compiled a list of my favorite breweries that I've been to visit and highly recommend. There's quite a few on my bucket list of breweries to visit but they're kind of spread out all over the place and we haven't made it there yet. Luckily, I've got a fiancé who loves the craft beer scene just as much as I do and who is always on board for a spontaneous trip to visit a new one.

Actually, truth be told, that's how we've ended up at a few of them. Got an extra hour of time to spare? Quick, find a brewery!

Anyway. Here's my five favorite {in no particular order}:

Columbia, SC

Not only is this one located just around the corner from where I work, it's got excellent beer. They are located a short walking distance from Williams Brice {if you wanted to tailgate before a USC game} and have an awesome outdoor area. There are plenty of picnic tables, cornhole boards, and open grassy areas to go around.

My favorite beers here are:
American Kolsh Story
Broad River Red

Patrick's favorites:
Double IPA

See more here & here.

North Charleston, SC

Holy City beers have been some of our favorite for awhile, but we've only recently been to visit their taproom. Don't be discouraged by the sketchy surroundings - it's worth a trip! Plus, the fries? Amazing.

My favorite:
Washout Wheat
{quite delicious in a can, even better on draft}

Patrick's favorite:
Overly Friendly IPA

See more here.

Asheville, NC

Oh, Wicked Weed. Patrick and I stumbled across this one on our first trip to Asheville and we still can't stop talking about it. They have an awesome atmosphere here, really good food, and even better beer. The only problem is that they always have something new on tap and I wind up getting a different beer every time I go here. So I can tell you my favorites, but there's no guarantee that they'll be there if you visit!

My favorites:
Weiss Not?
Lunatic Blonde

Patrick's favorite:
Freak of Nature

See more here & here.

Charlotte, NC

If you want to go to a biergarten, this is the place to go. It was one of the very first breweries that I had ever heard of in Charlotte and I'm pretty sure that it's one of the first ones that I ever visited. You need to check this place out on a warm, sunny day because the biergarten is outstanding.

My favorites:
Hornet's Nest {which is about to be available again starting in May!}
Southside Weiss

See more here {old taproom} and here {new taproom}

Charlotte, NC

|photo by Jessica Roberts|

Of course, I couldn't leave this brewery off of the list. Not only do they have excellent beer but it's where my fiancé and I took our engagement pictures last December. For that reason, it will always be one of our favorites. But now? Now I wish that I still lived in Charlotte because they've relocated Food Truck Friday to Sycamore. A Big Cheesy + Bacon from Papi Queso AND delicious beer from Sycamore? Yes. All the yes.

Sycamore is constantly changing up their beer lineup so I don't have our favorites for you. But you should go anyway because they're bound to have something on tap that you love. Even they admit that it's hard to keep track of what's on tap!

See more here & here.

Low Tide Brewing
Johns Island, SC

This one literally just made the list this weekend. It's a new brewery that's only been open for three weeks but y'all, I absolutely love it. They had lots of great beers on tap and the people who work there are so incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.

My favorites:
Sweet Caroline Kolsch
CharleSun Peel Lager

Patrick's favorites:
TBD! He hasn't been to this one yet :)

See more here.


Here are the honorable mention ones:
Hunter Gather Brewery in Columbia, SC {we go here more for the food than the beer but the beer is good, too!}
Sugar Creek Brewery in Charlotte, NC {part 1 & part 2}
Unknown Brewing in Charlotte, NC
NoDa Brewery in Charlotte, NC
Conquest Brewing in Columbia, SC
And of course, we have a bucket list of breweries that we want to visit:

Goose Island in Chicago, IL

Twisted Spur Brewing in Columbia, SC {coming SOON! like perhaps even this weekend}
New Belgium Brewing in Asheville, NC {coming May 2016}
Sierra Nevada Brewery in Asheville, NC
Westbrook Brewing in Charleston, SC
Brewery 85 in Greenville, SC
Swamp Rabbit Brewery in Travelers Rest, SC
Swamp Cabbage Brewing Company in Columbia, SC {because somehow we still haven't made it there yet}
Southern Sky Brewing in Kennesaw, GA
Foothills Brewery in Winston Salem, NC {side note: I've been here many times pre-beer drinking days and they have great food. Now I just need to go back and sample the beer!}

... and like a million others. Because you know that we would never turn down the option to go visit a brewery somewhere!


  1. Such a fun post! I love going to breweries - especially the ones with great food!

  2. You get to go to the best breweries! I'm so jealous! And can we talk about how badly I want that bacon and cheese sandwich right now?! OMGGGG! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. The Highland Brewery in Asheville is an awesome one to add to your list, too!! The hang out atmosphere is fun and there is a tour if you want to do it but you don't have to. Connected to Highland is a Moonshine distillery which is neat, too! My husband and I are both really into the craft beer scene as well so I loved this post!

  4. Westbrook is awesome! should definitely make a trip there soon! my favorite is the white thai...currently white duck taco has it on draft and the nick usually has it on draft!

  5. Fun! Since I'm gluten free I can't drink beer, so instead of breweries we often go to wineries!

    xo, Kristina

  6. Love this list and that Low Tide made it! Mike and I actually just booked a weekend trip to Charlotte for a Panthers pre-season game in August, so you know a few of these will happen! FYI, I wasn't the biggest fan of Westbrook, but I'm going to another one, Revelry next week and will let you know how that one is.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. oooh that bacon and cheese thing looks fabulous. i don't actually know if i have ever been to a proper brewery. you make it look so fun and i know KC would love it, so i should look into what is around here, or go visit one of the ones on your list.

  8. Whenever we make it back down to the Carolinas (which I'd love to sometime soon) I'm definitely referring back to this - you guys have hit so many!

  9. Is it bad that I was looking at the food?! I'm not a huge beer drinker (if ever) so I usually go to give Gary moral support and more samples to taste haha!! You have so much fun when you go which is awesome! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. Is it Friday night yet? This post makes me long for the weekend all the more. :)
    Hey, thanks for sharing this.


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