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All of the Running

You thought you were done with reading about running on my blog for a little while, didn't you?
Nope. Not yet.

Between December 31 and April 15, I ran twelve races. 10 of those races happened over an 11 week span from the first weekend of February through this past weekend. Have I run more miles over the same amount of time? Absolutely. Every fall that I've trained for a half marathon, I've definitely put in more miles.
So why is it a big deal?

Because I woke up every Saturday morning, put on my shoes, and toed it up at the start line for another run. I wasn't the fastest. I didn't always necessarily want to go run. But I committed to it & completed it. The only planned race that I missed was in the middle of March when I felt like I might have hurt my heel somehow and decided to rest it up a week. Other than that? Didn't miss a beat.
Best Race
Run Hard 5K - I loved everything about this race {minus that hill} and even though it wasn't a PR for me, it was definitely the best race experience. Walking away with a surprise age group award didn't hurt either, especially since my mom & sister-in-law were there to see it.

Worst Race
March for Meals 5K - my GPS watch wasn't working well on the Timmerman Trail & I was fighting a painful heel.
Hilliest Race
Woodlands 5K & Play - this race was nothing but rolling hills from start to finish.
Flattest Race
Daybreak 5K - I'm not sure there was really any stretch of this course that could qualify as a "hill".
Fastest Race
BC Run to the Plate - this was my PR race this spring! I remember thinking that I was going so slow only to see the clock at the finish line and realize that not only would I PR, but I would PR by about 20 seconds.

Slowest Race
Brain Tumor 5K - there's nothing like the combination of an entirely uphill back half of a race in the direct, warm sunshine to slow a girl down. But we had so much fun doing this race regardless of time!

Coldest Race
MGC Not So Long Run 5K - I have never been so cold at a race! I definitely could have used something other than a tank top and shorts for this one.

Hottest Race
YMCA Bunny Hop 5K - the combination of a late start time + a mid April race meant that the heat index was over 70 at the start line. Not particularly ideal for this #coldweatherrunner

Favorite Age Group Award
Run Hard 5K & YMCA Bunny Hop 5K - I'm always a fan when you get a cool printed pint glass as an award. The Run Hard 5K might have been my favorite award ceremony though.

Age Group Finishes
1st Place - 2
{Valentine's at Ballentine 4 Miler & BC Run to the Plate 5K}
2nd Place - 1
{YMCA Bunny Hop 5K}
3rd Place - 3
{Red Shoe Run 5K, Run Hard 5K, Woodlands 5K & Play}
4th Place - 4
{A Cold Winter's Day 5K, Lagniappe 5K, March for Meals 5K, & Daybreak 5K}
5th Place - 1
{MGC Not So Long Run 5K}

I'm already looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning & eating a delicious breakfast at the house. Bring on the snooze button & waffles!


  1. Look at that action shot!! I love that you did a little recap to look back on later and definitely enjoy the extra sleep on Saturday!

  2. girl you go! this is awesome. you look like you're flying in that first pic. good for you for committing and completing. that's awesome. enjoy your sleeping in and waffles! mmm waffles.

  3. This is awesome - love the categories!! :)

  4. Way to go! Getting up early every Saturday would be the tough part for me!


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