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Charlotte Brewery Hop Part 2 - Wooden Robot & Triple C

After our first two stops at Birdsong Brewing and Legion Brewing, we left the north side of uptown and headed back down to South End for the remainder of our brewery hoppin' time.

Our third stop of the day was Wooden Robot Brewing.

This was one I requested to go to because I felt like I needed to give this one a second chance. I did not particularly care for this brewery the first time that I went here {about a year go} but I had heard plenty of good things from friends about it. Maybe I had just been on an off day?

It was a much better experience the second time around. The first time had been on a rainy Friday night and it was super crowded, loud, and I didn't enjoy the beer. This time? It was a pretty day, not as crowded, and I had an excellent beer here {the Botbier Blonde Ale}.
We stayed here for one round before deciding to move on to the next brewery in search of a cooler place {Wooden Robot was hot while we were there} and somewhere to sit.

Triple C Brewing Co. was next up on our hop.

This was another brewery that I didn't particularly care for the first {and only other} time that I had been here. But, to be fair, that was back in my super early beer drinking days and it might have had something to do with that not with the actual brewery.

... and for the second time on Saturday, my first impressions of a brewery were corrected. I really enjoyed Triple C this time! My beer {Golden Boy Blonde} was delicious and the free pretzels didn't hurt, either.

Just for the record: here's the original blog post about the first trip to Triple C nearly 3.5 years ago. I think it's safe to say that my taste buds have changed over the years since I now really like the Golden Boy Blonde and back then, that's one that I barely managed to drink a small sample of.

Whew. Four down, two to go! Check back tomorrow for part 3.


  1. How much fun! So glad you got to re-try that brewery, and enjoy it this time <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. You guys are so fun!! Glad it was better this time around!

  3. We really liked Wooden Robot last time we were in Charlotte - there were so many dogs, I was in heaven! I definitely want to try a few new-to-us ones including Triple C!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. Brewery tours are so much fun! West Michigan has a couple (Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City) and they're awesome.

  5. This was a lovelyy blog post


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