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Five on Friday

It's Friday? Already? Seriously? Someone please tell me where in the world this week went... you know, in addition to answering where in the world January - August went and where the first half of September disappeared to.

Just kidding. We all know where this week went: Hurricane Irma, 1. Chesson, 0.

Want to know who else is 1-0 other than Irma? Deshaun Watson. Clemson fans have known for years that he was a once-in-a-generation type of quarterback and that he's exciting to watch. Alabama fans begrudgingly will say the same thing about him. Now the Houston Texans and the NFL world have the chance to see how awesome he is and I LOVE it.

Anyway. Let's get down to another Five on Friday...

Things I learned this week: I don't do power outages and I'm slightly overdramatic when it comes to not having power.

Thank goodness for Instagram stories, right? Y'all got to be there with me throughout the entire power outage and y'all got to count down the # of outages in our county until we finally had our power restored. I'm so thankful that we didn't have to evacuate our home, that a tree didn't fall on our house, that we had no flood damage, and that the worst we dealt with was 2+ days of no power. People had it much, much worse than we did. But you know what? Being the only street in our neighborhood without power is beyond frustrating.

That being said, y'all were all just as excited as I was about the fact that our power was restored after 53 hours without.

Quite a few of y'all sent me a fun link yesterday to a post on The Everygirl. Y'all saw a picture from Clemson's Death Valley and then saw a photo credit below it to Magnolia & Main... and probably got just as excited as I did to see it!

{original post Magnolia & Main here, and on The Everygirl here}

That actually wasn't the first time someone sent me a message this week about stumbling across me and my blog online. I might blog a few times about Clemson football, tailgates, and wine and if you google "Clemson wine tailgating"... uh, you might recognize a few of the pictures. What can I say? I like Clemson football, tailgating, wine, and cute wine glasses.

Three things signal fall in Columbia:
1. Football Season
2. Columbia's Annual Greek Festival
3. South Carolina State Fair

We're 2 for 3 so far! Football season has begun, and we ventured out to Columbia's Annual Greek Festival last night with our favorite Greek. My mom came along for the fun, and let's be real: we were just there for the fries {and pizza}.

Y'all, football season is in full swing around here. It's Week 3 and we're off to our third football game of the year: USC vs Kentucky.

Clemson is playing on the road against Louisville and all I can think about is our awesome trip there two seasons ago. We were newly engaged and y'all, that was one of the most fun road trips that I've ever been on. The game was excellent, too, even if it was incredibly stressful up to the final seconds.

Here's hoping that Clemson can escape Louisville with another win and improve to 3-0 on the season.


GO TIGERS! Beat Louisville!


  1. The Greek Festival sounds fun!! We were so excited to see Deshaun led the Texans to a Win when we woke up this morning - so proud of him!

  2. I love reminiscing on fun old college games! Enjoy your football weekend!

  3. We have a fun Greek Festival here, too! Although I don't think I ever saw fries that looked as good as that! Hope you have a great weekend after a LONG week!

  4. We are Cowboys fans, but I'm from near Houston so all my family cheers for the Texans. We watched the game last night and I will say that I loved watching DeShaun Watson! He's just what the Texans have needed and I hope he brings them success!

  5. Happy football season!! I was thinking about you with the power outage countdown - so nice that you could see yourselves getting closer, but so incredible difficult and frustrating I bet at the same time!!


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