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Week 3: USC vs Kentucky

Football Saturdays are the best.

Football Saturdays in Clemson are THE best, but the ones spent in Columbia tailgating with our friends here before USC aren't half bad either. Our tailgate before the game this weekend was no exception.

I don't have any fun drink ware for Carolina games like I do Clemson games. Sorry, but even I have my limits when it comes to Carolina related accessories. My mom and I scooped up these fun coozies a couple of seasons ago at Swoozies, and it's my favorite one to bring to a Carolina tailgate.

By the time dusk fell, we were ready for the big game! I'd say 99.9% of the people in the stadium were ready for the game that was about to happen on the field in front of them...

... the other 0.1% of the people in the stadium were more concerned about a game happening several hundred miles away in Louisville, Kentucky. You can count me among the latter group.

You can take a girl to a Carolina game, but you can't actually make her watch the game on the field. Cell reception was spotty for most of the game though, so I was relying on scoreboard updates and text message updates from a friend to keep me up with what was going on. There were a few lucky times where I'd get great reception and was able to watch some of my game on Patrick's phone.

We got back to our tailgate after the game in time to see a good chunk of the 4th quarter of Clemson's game. If I can't be at Clemson's game, at least I can bask in the glow of Williams-Brice stadium while I watch Clemson throttle what was supposed to be one of their biggest threats in the ACC Atlantic this year.

Three weeks, three tailgates & games, and Clemson is currently sitting at #2 in the country with a 3-0 record. I won't get into how ridiculous it is that the undefeated defending National Champion {who is the only school that has already beaten two top-15 teams this season} isn't the #1 team in the country... but it's only the 3rd week of the season. I'll give the rest of y'all a couple more weeks to realize that even though Deshaun Watson {& a bunch of other really good players} left for the NFL, Clemson is still Clemson.

Up next: Clemson vs Boston College in Clemson!

The beginning of the football season is always a little hectic for us with the number of games in a row we end up attending. It hasn't been too bad this season, but I am excited for next weekend because it's a weekend at home, there are fun events happening all over Columbia, and Clemson has a night game. Win, win, win.


  1. I've been saying Natty Champs and still the underdog. Such a shame. There's always next week!

  2. I watched our season opener but sept is so crazy with weddings, that I haven't seen any others :( I'm excited to finally watch a game this Saturday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. My fiance and I usually spend a lot of fall weekends in Ann Arbor to watch Michigan play, but our wedding in November and all of it's related festivities (as well as other weddings) have limited our trips this year. We are tailgating for the Michigan - Michigan State game in a few weeks with a lot of new tailgate supplies that we were gifted at our showers and I can't wait to put our new set up into action. I'm sure some people laughed when they saw a Michigan Weber grill & other tailgate supplies on our registry, but we knew they would get used a ton. Love these posts - Happy Football Season! :-)

  4. I love your outfit for the USC game, that that "neutral" koozie is awesome! Glad you were able to see both games!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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