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Week 4: Clemson vs Boston College

4th Saturday in September, 4th Saturday in a row that I've been basking in all things tailgating and college football. This weekend, my mom and I headed up to Clemson to watch the Tigers play Boston College.

We kicked off the tailgate with another fun Clemson glass {this one was a bridal party gift from my wedding last summer} and Bellinis. It was a clear blue, gorgeous kind of morning that was perfect for tailgating.

I'm starting to really love our new tailgating spot, too. That view of Bowman Field and Tillman Hall behind us never gets old.

We spent the rest of the day trying to avoid the sunshine. It was miserably hot to the point that my mom and I retreated into the car for about 20 minutes and basked in full-blast A/C before heading to the stadium.

The game was a little less than inspiring for the first three quarters. 7-0 Clemson lead at halftime over a team that they were 33 point favorites? 7-7 tie heading into the 4th quarter? Um, excuse me, but where's my high-powered Clemson?

We were getting a little worried.

... until Etienne got the ball in his hands and got our offense in gear! Y'all, this kid is special. I'm excited to see him develop and get better and take on bigger roles in this offense.

In the meantime, I just hope that this sluggish game was a wake up call to Clemson to get their act together before the head to Blacksburg, VA this weekend to play Virginia Tech. The games against Virginia Tech always make me nervous. Night game, Lane Stadium, College Game Day in town... that's going to be one incredible atmosphere come game time.

For the first time this season, I won't be at a college football game. Instead, we've got big plans to attend the Soda City Oktoberfest Saturday with a group of friends before winding down at the house for an evening of football.

Happy Monday!



  1. For it being the first weekend of fall you would have thought it would have been cooler! Glad your boys pulled out the "W"!

  2. As a Hokie fan, we were cheering on your Tigers against BC this past weekend - so glad you all pulled out a W! I will be in Blacksburg on Saturday for the game, and you are right - Lane Stadium at night should be electric :). We typically root for your Tigers in my house when they aren't playing our alma maters (my husband and I are also a house divided). I am a big fan of Dabo and what he has done there, the respect your players seem to have, and I will always, always, root for Clemson to take the Atlantic over FSU! Hoping for a great game on Saturday!

  3. What an awesome tailgate spot!! I love your monogrammed glasses, too. I was thinking about going to this game (I almost went to BC), but couldn't swing it. It's definitely still on my fall bucket list!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. Seriously with the glasses each game, you guys are the cutest!!


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