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Week 2: Clemson vs Auburn

In the fall, there is no greater place to be on a Saturday than at a tailgate in Clemson. It was a beautiful day for a tailgate, too! It was in the mid-60s when we arrived on campus around noon and never got warmer than about 75. Sunny, cloud-free days on campus are the best.

The game against Auburn wasn't until 7, so we had a day full of tailgating ahead of us.

My mom and I picked up these hand painted wine glasses last weekend at Raspberry Fizz in downtown Clemson. How cute are they?! I'm convinced that we have enough Clemson themed drink ware to go an entire season without repeating.

I was worried about our new tailgating spot this year, and that it wouldn't be as convenient as last year for our friends to stop by and hang out with us. I worried for nothing because we have awesome friends who will always find a way to visit!

Let's talk about the dress that I was wearing at our tailgate during the day. I found it at Handpicked in Charleston this summer, fell in love with it, and had to have it for a Clemson game this year. I was so excited to wear it.

As much as I love it, it is not a game day dress. It's 100% not made for jumping up and down in a stadium and cheering on your team. I kind of expected that to be the case, so I came prepared with an outfit change...

It was a beautiful evening to be in Death Valley!

While Clemson didn't thump Auburn they way that they did Kent State last Saturday, they did come away with the 14-6 victory. Who remembers a time when Clemson beating Auburn 14-6 would be the most amazing thing ever? Now it's kind of expected to beat Auburn {and everyone else ;)} and I'm totally ok with that mentality.

Next up: Clemson at Louisville.

Game Day. 8pm Kickoff. I'm a little nervous about this one to be honest. Clemson hasn't allowed a TD at all this season, but Lamar Jackson can be a touchdown machine when he wants to be.

I'm also busy reminiscing about our trip to Louisville two years ago for the Clemson/Louisville game. We had a blast! From the Louisville Slugger Museum to Churchill Downs and downtown distilleries to Maker's Mark, it was such a good trip with some great friends.

We won't be there this year because we'll be in Columbia for the USC / Kentucky game. Am I more than a little annoyed that our 3:30 kickoff time was moved to 8pm and I'll miss the majority of my game? You bet. The things you give up in a house divided marriage... :)

Happy Monday, friends! Stay safe from Irma!


  1. I LOVE those wine glasses - how fun! And you were so smart to bring a change of clothes, that way you weren't stuck and feeling uncomfortable!

  2. Love both of your game day outfits!!

  3. I am obsessed with your wine glasses - so cute and fitting! Having a nice weather Saturday in the fall is seriously the best!

  4. Since your tailgates are epic I know your friends will always stop by! I want FL to play Clemson so that I can go to your tailgate LOL! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston


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