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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

Ahhh... Friday.

Slept in a little, went to the gym, and now I'm eating my breakfast while watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. Sometimes a day off from work is just what you need!

I'm ready to hit the road to one of my favorite southern towns for wedding weekend #2. Remember back when I took engagement pictures for my friend Laurel? Well it is finally {finally, finally, finally!} wedding weekend - she and her fiance Steven are tying the knot Saturday afternoon.

But before I get on the road, I'll leave you with my five for this Friday, once again linking up with April, Darci, Natashaand Christina.

Three. Day. Weekend.

I have three three day weekends this month and one four day weekend, starting with this weekend. Here's to only working one full week during the month of May!


Has anyone in Columbia noticed this little restaurant/bar? Because it's right next to my favorite shop on Main St {Uptown on Main} and because a certain someone I know loves bourbon, I've been watching this place for awhile. They were supposed to open in November. Then sometime in January. Then sometime in the spring. Well they are finally open and I am hopefully grabbing some lunch there today while passing through town. If I do, you can expect a post about them next week!

I made stuffed bell peppers for the first time ever last night using this recipe from Biana at B Loved Boston.

A little stuffed bell pepper, a little Nashville on DVR...I think it's fairly safe to say that I'll be making these again, especially since it would give me another reason to take a trip to my favorite farmer's market.


Starting a book at 11pm is almost always a terrible decision when your alarm is set for 5:30am.

I know that Cinco de Mayo isn't until Monday, but let's take a little trip down memory lane to 2010 when I hosted a taco night for Cinco de Mayo and the boys thought it was a good idea to bring a pinata. Filled with animal crackers. I found bits and pieces of animal crackers around my apartment for years after this incident.
{yes, we substituted a wooden spoon for a bat}

Happy first weekend of May!



  1. Hope you have a blast in Charleston!! :) How fun we'll both be there this weekend!!

  2. I spy Scarlett having her breakdown... Nashville is my FAVORITE!! Well... and Revenge too!

  3. number 2 and 4 are awesome! I am always looking for yummy places to go in Columbia when are there! And yes, I am an idiot and started the last book in the Divergent series at 10pm one night - epic fail! Have a great weekend in Chuck Town!

  4. Sounds like you have a great long weekend ahead!! Charleston is just the best and I'm sure the wedding is going to beautiful!! So happy you tried the stuffed peppers - and even more happy you liked it! Happy Friday!

  5. Bourbon opened this week! It's run by the same guy who owns Rosso so the food and drinks will be amazing. I actually posted about First Citizens Cafe today, which is right next door. I've been meaning to try stuffed peppers, it's going on my list for next week.

  6. I absolutely love stuffed peppers- I may have to try the recipe that you posted! And you're lucky to have several extended weekends! May is always the busiest month for me at work... So I can't wait for things to slow down a bit. :)

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. You have a wonderful blog!! Loved it <3

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