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Wedding Season Part Two: Gunzenhauser {continued}

Like I said yesterday, Laurel & Steven's wedding was gorgeous and flawless. We had such a good time celebrating! The weather had been stormy all week long and it cleared up just in time... you can't go wrong with clear blue skies and mid-70 temperatures.

Their wedding was held at the Creek Club at I'on in Mount Pleasant which is a reallllly great place to get married. The ceremony was held outside on the lawn. When we walked up we were handed programs that were designed to be used as a fan and our choice of either bottled water... or a mason jar filled with Firefly Sweat Tea Vodka Lemonade. Um, what? Drinks for the ceremony? Ok. That's totally legit. 

 The appetizers: shrimp & grits, kobe beef sliders, and grilled pimento cheese sandwiches. Mmm.



 Caught Clary {matron of honor} watching Laurel & Steven's first dance.

 Please note the perfectly positioned creeper in the background. Patrick managed to get in every cake cutting picture.

Quick story: for those of you who didn't hear about the African Gaboon Viper on the loose in Mount Pleasant, you should probably read this first. One of our coworkers, once hearing this story, decided to start calling Laurel "Viper" and emailed random facts about the snake a couple times a day in the days leading up to her wedding. I believe there was even a suggestion to include anti-venom in the hotel gift bags.

We were standing down at the dock, taking pictures, when I noticed that the photographer had decided to relocate herself because of something she saw in the brush next to the dock. I looked to see what was there and immediately ran to find Laurel. When I told her what I had found, she didn't believe me, but I insisted that she come over and take a picture with it.

Snake skin! Awesome.

Another wedding with a great group of friends from work. At least this time I got the bride and groom in the picture!

 Because being serious for a picture is overrated.

 Dance party!

 What you don't know is that that this kid loves to dance, especially at weddings.

Everything about Laurel and Steven's day was perfect. From the ceremony to the drinks to the dancing to the food... it was great. I cannot say enough good things about the venue, either. How do you not love a reception area that has a wide, sweeping wrap around porch overlooking the creek? The food was spectacular and the view was gorgeous. It was such a great location for a wedding and a party.

We left the wedding and ended up at Red's Ice House on Shem Creek. For the record, they have excellent nachos. And then I ran into my friend Katie out at the bar after the wedding. We have looots of catching up to do!

Whew. Two down, one to go.

I cannot wait for the final wedding weekend! As amazing as the first two were, I am super pumped for the last one. Counting down the days until then!


  1. What a fun wedding and the location and weather could not have been more perfect!! I love the picture of the little baby clapping - so sweet!

  2. this looks like such an amazing wedding. the bride looked stunning, and her dress=gorgeous! and girl i love your dress! i must know where it is from! lol

  3. What a beautiful wedding. Where did you get your dress?!?!?! I love it.

  4. These pictures are great! Absolutely love Patrick, the creeper, in the background. Even Andrew got a good laugh at that! Aww, jealous you ran into Katie!! Miss her!!


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