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Wedding Season Part Two: Gunzenhauser!

Guess who's married?


We haven't been able to stop talking about Laurel & Steven's wedding since we left the reception. I can't imagine the day going any better than it did - it was flawless. You could definitely tell how much work that had been put into making the wedding come together!

But... let's back track a minute to the rehearsal dinner since that happened first.

Laurel & Steven had their rehearsal dinner at Southend Brewery & Smokehouse on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston on Friday night. The beers there were great {my favorite was the Watch it Grow Wheat & everyone else seemed to love the Rip Tide Red} and the food was fantastic. I might have gotten seconds and by seconds, I mean that I got an entire second plate full of food.

I know, I know. Enough talking. Pictures please.

 Clemson bow tie cake

 Looooots of pictures of the bridge & groom when they were young, with their family, and with friends in the wedding/at the rehearsal dinner. I entertained myself by finding all the pictures that I had taken...

 Watch it Grow Wheat = thumbs up


 The bride!

 Bride & Groom

 Please note the photo bombing going on in the background. Happened frequently.

 Save the Date + Wedding Invitation

 Pre-dinner toast

 Best picture from all the toast pictures: Stephanie introduced Laurel & Steven and decided to tell a story that Steven probably could have done without.

Want to see pictures from the wedding? Come back tomorrow!

P.S. - I'm linking up today with Zelle, Amanda, Katie, and Kristina for #trendingtuesday because hey... it's May, wedding season is in full swing, and that means that weddings are definitely trending at the moment.


  1. Love the pics Chesson! I can't wait till our feet hit the sand in Charleston on Thursday! Cheers to wedding season 2014!

  2. Weddings are DEFINITELY trending! Love that ;) thanks so much for linking up with us today! Great pictures.

  3. I love this! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Looks like a really fun rehearsal dinner! Can't wait to see the wedding!

  5. I love Southend Brewery & looks like y'all had a great time.. I want someone I know to get married in Charleston! Thanks for linking with us today :)

  6. Hey your dress is looking so pretty. In my brother’s marriage we had ordered same cake and that was so yummy. I am going to Chicago next month for my cousin’s wedding to help her select the best Wedding venues Chicago. Feeling very excited.


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