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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday

Well this is weird. I don't have a wedding or wedding related activity this weekend...

But I do have kabobs on the grill, graduation celebrations, brunch with an old friend, pool time, and Mother's Day lunch to look forward to! So Happy Mother's Day to all of the momma's out there, especially mine.

Linking up again for a little Five on Friday action with April, Darci, Natashaand Christina.

Y'all are all well aware of my obsession over the gators on Kiawah. They were out and extremely active this past weekend. If you remember, the entire back wall of our house is comprised of windows and you have an excellent view of the lagoon in the backyard. We ate lunch on Saturday and watched the gators in action. Yes, gators as in plural. There was one big gator, a one year old gator, and a teeny tiny baby gator swimming around.

As soon as we left for the wedding, guess who made his appearance on land?

Are you kidding me? Freakin' gator waits until I leave to finally get up in our backyard. It's safe to say that I won't be going back there anytime soon. I'll stick to the deck!

Staying on the Kiawah topic... I have a bedspread now!

My mom & I want to paint the bed {and dresser} white. I have no idea when that's actually going to get accomplished but we're slowly but surely making progress in my bedroom at the beach. One day I'll also have pictures of my gorgeous new bathroom down there... one day.

This weather, y'all. Give me more of it! I want 95 degree, sunny, hot, and humid days every single day. Throw in a good thunderstorm at night every once in awhile and I'm a happy girl. It is the best weather for after work bike rides and lounging by the pool, two things that I could do every.single.day.

Four years ago I graduated from Clemson, started my first job, and then packed by bags and headed to Europe with a huge group of people. Two of my friends, whom I've known pretty much my entire life, also came on this trip. They had just graduated from high school and were headed off to college in the fall.
They're both graduating from college {Clemson & South Carolina} this weekend. Where has the time gone?

Last, but certainly not least, how can I not talk about the first round of the NFL Draft?

Buffalo seriously wants some fans from down south... five Clemson boys, but most importantly, my favorites CJ and now Sammy!



  1. Oh my goodness that gator... I would have freaked out!!

  2. That alligator is crazy! I'm so excited that someone else cared about the draft last night, even if we were pulling for different people. Girls caring about football must be a South Carolina thing.

  3. I always wished I had gone to Europe after High School just for the experience! Every time I hear someone talk about backpacking through Europe - I have such regret! One day, one day. I'm still young.... at least I like to think so!

    Came across your website from "5 on Five"!

    Felicita Moncada

  4. Loveeeee that bedding! Have a great weekend!

  5. Love all of these! Especially loving the bedspread....and duhhh, Sammy :) SO proud to be a Tiger!

  6. There is a Gator in the pond by our place as well....he is getting bigger but so far he's only been in the water but that would totally scare me as well!!!


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