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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

I'm going to be sad when my streak of four day work weeks comes to an end. By the end of it I will have had four day weeks 4 out of 5 weeks. Not bad, right? At least I have one more next week before the streak ends.

That being said, it's Friday again, and it's time to dive into the Five on Friday with April, Darci, Natashaand Christina.


To say I was in a bad mood on Tuesday & Wednesday of this week might be an understatement and I was throwing myself one hell of a pity party. Want to know the best place to throw yourself a pity party? The JCrew Factory 50% off sale. It makes your day a whole lot better to know you have new, cute clothes on the way to your house.

Visited the Total Wine in Columbia last week to stock up on some beer for our beach trip. Came across this wonderfulness:

My favorite beer in a can.

Perfect for drinking at the beach or by the pool where glass bottles are frowned upon.

Three. Day. Weekend.

Nothing like coming back from vacation and realizing that you have a long weekend to look forward to. It softens the blow of being back at work a little bit.

Memorial Day Weekend is perfect for...
a trip to the farmer's market
grilling out
early morning bike rides
days at the pool
Charlotte Knight's baseball games

& I intend to partake in each and every one of those activities!

It's officially summer & I need some books to read! I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series for about the 100th time and can't figure out what to pick up after I finish... any suggestions?

Happy Friday & Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Darn these sales.... don't they know Reid is making me save money right now!!!!!

  2. YES to a three day weekend and Memorial Day fun. Have the best time!

  3. Love your Memorial Day list! I can't wait to see the new stadium! I've heard great things about it.

  4. I always re-read the HP books in the summer, too! Right now I am reading 'The Interestings' and next on my list is 'The Goldfinch.'

    Also, those are all the best things to do in Charlotte on a weekend like this! Glad to have found another blogger from this city. Your blog is adorable!

    //susannah @ http://feastandwest.com

  5. Hope you got in all of your fun activities - sounds like a perfect Memorial Day weekend! Have you read the Divergent series? If not I highly recommend for good summer reading!


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