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4 Years = Time for a Change

You can break my life up into chunks of four years...

1998 - 2002: lived in Winston-Salem & at the end of four years, moved to Columbia.
2002 - 2006: lived in Columbia {the high school years} and then graduated and moved to Clemson.
2006 - 2010: lived in Clemson {the college years} and then graduated and moved to Charlotte.
2010 - ?

I've been in Charlotte for almost four years now and I'm getting restless. Especially since I've been in the same apartment this entire time with very little changes. Sure, I've updated my sheets/pillows/curtains in my bedroom and I put up a new shower curtain in my bathroom but I haven't done much else outside of that.

I am hopefully moving to a new apartment {fingers crossed!!} late summer/early fall. Until then, here are four things I want to update around my apartment to ease some of this desire to make some major changes:


I bought this dresser & mirror from Ikea when I first moved to Charlotte. The lamp was a college graduation present and the acrylic boxes were Christmas presents one year. I had an old, crappy, never used TV that I've already hauled off to Goodwill & a table runner that used to go across the top that's gone too. But now it just looks empty and lonely and I need something else up here!


I have a random hallway {if you would even call it that} outside of my bathroom/bedroom. I hung up three collage picture frames with pictures from college and haven't thought about it since.

Well. All of those frames are down now with the hopes of a single frame filling up that space soon. Remember this black & white boat picture from a few months ago? I ordered an 11x14 of that print from CVS and it'll be filling the frame below {from Hobby Lobby} as soon as it is printed.


Y'all. I finally bought an end table! I saw it in Target the other week and it ended up in my buggy. I didn't even go into Target looking for it but once I saw it I knew that it would fit in with the other furniture in my living room and I was in the shopping mood.

I gave my grandmother that exact picture frame with that exact picture of my brother and me for Christmas, and I loved how it looked, so I went out and got the same frame {also from Hobby Lobby} for this table. There are some cute Kiawah coasters out at Freshfields Village that I want to get the next time I head down that way to add to the end table.


Like I said before... I can't stand the pillows that are currently on my couch. I am so ready to update them! Here's a close up for you:

I can't believe I'm showing off these pillows. Ugh. I used to like them so much but now they make me cringe. I am forever searching for some pillows to buy and update my couch with but I haven't had any luck so far...

Enough of the areas of my apartment that I'm not completely satisfied with. I love my bookcase & all the things on top of it, especially my reindeer/moose guy from Pier 1 {thank you, 50% off after Christmas sale!}

Happy Monday!


  1. I love Hobby Lobby! And that chevron frame!!

  2. Good luck with your pillow search - it is always so hard to find the perfect thing, but you'll know it when you see it, I'm sure! I think apartments/houses/wherever we live are ALWAYS going to be a work in progress :) That HL frame is going to be so cute!

  3. Change is always a good thing. We should always recalibrate our current fixtures and modalities: shift the gears, twist certain bolts, and get up running. There is always a place in which we can stay, and there are even more places with which we can enrich and pent up the fervor of our lives. It's all a matter of searching and, well, starting early at it.

    Ronnie @ Sycamore Terrace Temecula


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