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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom has been reading my blog since day one and putting up with all of my pictures, too. We'll be out riding bikes on Kiawah and I'll yell out for her to stop, hang on, gotta take a picture real quick. Or she'll keep on the lookout herself for things I should take a picture of to include on here. She's usually has a good idea of what I'm going to be posting each week so when I called her after work yesterday,
 our conversation went something like this:

Mom: I know you're going to put up pictures tomorrow. Only pick the good ones!
Me: Who said I'm putting up pictures for your birthday?
Mom: Hello, I know you. What pictures are you putting up?
{meanwhile, my dad is laughing in the background over my mom's panic of my picture selection}

& apparently my mother does know me because by the time I had talked to her last night, I'd already written the majority of this post and selected pictures. Without further ado, here's another picture post this week in honor of my mom's birthday:
1st Seattle trip back in 2011.

My mom loves Clemson as much as I do, and yes, we have matching Clemson wine glasses to tailgate with.

You know, just taking pictures in the backyard after church. I think this was actually on Father's Day so I'm not sure what she & I were doing taking pictures instead of my dad & me.

My mom woke up ridiculously early on the 4th of July this year to drive me to & watch me run in a 5K. She's still the only person who has ever come to watch me run a 5K.

The first time we went up the Space Needle in 2011 was terrifying. It wasn't so bad the 2nd time around on our 2012 trip.

PS - I promise there will be something other than a picture post tomorrow!


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