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I am a Deprived Child of the South

Let's be real: when you spend most of your childhood in Columbia, SC, you don't really get a whole lot of snow days. I always felt so deprived of snow when I lived there.

Snow is a pretty rare thing for me to see and experience so I get pretty excited when it does show up. I mean... really excited. It's like Christmas Day for me when it snows.

Even though I really dislike being cold, I can put up with the cold if it means there is going to be snow!

Don't get me wrong though. Snow and I have had some moments where I've wanted to go on a Lorelei rant {like the two Valentine's Day weekends it has postponed recently or that Christmas tree sledding incident} but for the most part we've had a good relationship.

Here's what usually happens when there's snow in the forecast:
1. Check Accuweather every five minutes. Don't like the forecast? Check The Weather Channel. Whew. Ok. Snow still predicted, no need to be disappointed yet.
2. Peek outside every other minute to see if it has started snowing yet. No snow to be seen? Ok. Find something to distract me for like 10 minutes. Maybe it'll start snowing when I'm not looking.
3. Oh! A FLURRY!
4. FaceTime my parents and have the following conversation:
Parents - We can't really see anything.
Me - I promise. It's snowing. Can you see the snow falling by the streetlight?
Parents - Uh, no.
5. Hang up, throw on some sort of shoes and a coat, and run downstairs to take pictures of snow on cars as proof that it is actually snowing. Send pictures to everyone I know.
6. Run back upstairs and proceed to take pictures of the snow from my balcony.

I've so perfected the art of taking a picture of snow from my balcony/deck. All of these are over the course of 5 years, three cities, three apartments, and one house.

C'mon, Charlotte. I've seen flurries like 5 times this season but nothing has stuck yet. I obviously need some more balcony snow pictures so let's get some snow in the forecast, please!



  1. I'm with you! I need one good snow and then I'm over it. Like last week when it was 9 degrees? And then rained when it was 60 degrees? Why couldn't the rain come when it was 9 degrees? That would have been a great snow day....

  2. ...Go to Indiana. They clearly have too MUCH snow.

    Also, I'm really glad the sledding/tree incident was mentioned!

  3. Haha I LOVE this post! I am just the way you are! There is a 30% chance of snow flurries here in Tennessee on Friday according to weather channel and I've been telling everyone "It's going to snow"...so fingers crossed that it does :-)

  4. I am so with you in hoping we get our snow. I missed all of the snow flurries that we've had so far.


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