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College Football: Bowl Edition

Y'all. I can breathe again.

Holy cow bells.

What a game.

Where Sammy Is!

That might have been one of the most fun games that I've watched on TV in a long time {other than last year's Chickfila Bowl game} and as happy as I am for Sammy, I'm going to miss watching him play in Orange! I didn't think anyone could one-up Nuk's amazing game last year but Sammy proved me wrong. 

And... keeping this short & sweet with no other pictures because for once, I actually put my phone away for a few hours {shocker - I know} and enjoyed the game with the people I was with.

Happy Monday!

P.S. - anyone who has tried to follow me lately on GFC and ran into some issues... it's fixed & working now!

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  1. So many of the bowl games were so intense this year - glad your team got a W. My Aggies did too :)


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