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Pimento Cheese + Bacon = Awesomeness at Henry's

I figured that after my third trip to Henry's it was about time to introduce y'all to one of my new favorite restaurants in Columbia.

Every time that I go to Henry's, I have the hardest time trying to decide what I want to order for my meal. Seriously. I can narrow my list down to about three things and then I can't pick because they all look so dang good. For a restaurant that mainly serves only sandwiches, they know how to offer quite a selection...

I'm a sucker for all things "Carolina" though especially when they involve pimento cheese... so if you take a trip to Henry's, be sure to try either the Carolina Burger or the Carolina Chicken Sandwich. I mean, c'mon. Pimento cheese burgers are the best and you can't go wrong when you add bacon to the party.

Patrick's Philly Chicken is on the left & my Carolina Chicken Sandwich is on the right.

{in case you were wondering, yes, the fries are amazing}

Conveniently enough, Henry's is also a great place for a little day drinking. They have a few TVs around so if you're in the mood for a long lunch, a little collegiate football/basketball/baseball, and a couple of beers, that's one place to keep in mind.

I think we got out of there for around $30 and that included two lunches & four beers. Not too bad!

P.S. - they have brunch on Sunday's. I bet you can't guess what I get there... WAFFLES! Didn't see that one coming did you?

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  1. Gimme all the pimento cheese!!! I'm pretty sure I could eat pimento cheese every day, and there's no doubt it's near the top of my "Here's why being Southern is the best" list. :)


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