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Queen's Feast: Rocky River Grille

I've only been to the Embassy Suites in Concord twice, so you cannot blame me for the fact that I was unaware there was a restaurant called Rocky River Grille located on the main level. I had never even heard of it until some friends of mine suggested it for Restaurant Week.

I'm really, really glad they did!

If you're unfamiliar with Restaurant Week, here's the scoop:

There are two weeks a year {one in January & one in July} where Charlotte area restaurants set up prix fixe menu that typically includes an appetizer, soup/salad, main course, and/or dessert. Each restaurant varies a little bit but basically stick to that format.

Prior to this weekend, I had only ever been to Chima, so this was a new restaurant & adventure for me.

Appetizer - Seared Ahi Tuna

Soup/Salad - Smoked Turkey Chili {not pictured} & River Ceasar Salad

Main Course - 12oz Prime Rib

Dessert - Lemon Curd Tart & Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake

So... I didn't eat the Seared Ahi Tuna or either dessert {Patrick gave them all thumbs up}, but what I did have was amazing. I ate every bit of my salad and my prime rib was all but gone when they took my plate from the table. Plus the glass of house wine included in the $30 meal price didn't hurt!

Next up for Queen's Feast: CHIMA!


  1. love that you blogged about your experience too! i did today as well. that place look really good!

  2. I always wished that I lived in an area that participated in Restaurant Week, but I recently found out that Ann Arbor does! I'll have to check it out this summer :)


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