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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

Happy 2014! & Happy 1st Solid Orange Friday of the year! How convenient that it's Solid Orange Friday and that Clemson is playing in the Orange Bowl? Here's to hoping that Clemson doesn't lose because WVU is still scoring TDs on us from two years ago.

It's time again to link up with April, Darci, Natasha, and Christina for a little Five on Friday.


I'm just hoping for a way better Orange Bowl game this year than two years ago. I am looking forward to finishing up work today, heading out to a bar, and settling in to watch my Tigers play & {hopefully} destroy OSU. Nobody likes OSU anyway.



Charlotte Restaurant Week {Queen's Feast} is one of my favorite things about Charlotte. Charlotte & all the restaurants here definitely know how to do a restaurant week right, and I'm saying that based on going to one restaurant three Queen's Feasts in a row. That's right. I love me some Chima. But... maybe I'll switch it up this year and head to the Melting Pot instead? Decisions, decisions... although at $30 a meal, I might have to try more than one restaurant this time. Queens Feast doesn't actually start until January 17th but it's never too early to start planning the dinners!


There are soooo many sporting events to look forward to! Doesn't matter that Clemson's season is over after tonight until August... the Panthers are in the playoffs, the Seahawks are in the playoffs, and the Winter Olympics start in 35 days! Here's to hoping that either the Panthers or the Seahawks make it all the way to the Super Bowl so I have something to watch until the Olympics start :)



NYE was a blast again this year! I am such a big fan of not going downtown and instead hanging out at somebody's house. Last year it worked out perfectly with the Clemson/LSU bowl game & a Low Country Boil and this year it worked out perfectly with friends, the Duke/A&M bowl game, and Chicken Bog.

More pictures to come next week but here's one to hold you over:


The Christmas decorations are coming down tomorrow & I'm going on a purge in my apartment. I cannot stand having stuff not put away and right now, there isn't room to put it all away... time for some uh, Winter Cleaning? New Year Cleaning? Either way, I'm more excited about it than I should be. 




  1. I just found your blog!! I am too excited about the Winter Olympics. I always get sad when football season is over but it is nice to be able to watch them....

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the Olympics! I totally forgot they were starting soon because I was too busy being depressed about football season ending!

  3. SOOOOOO PUMPED for the Panthers in the playoffs. SO pumped. And yay for restaurant week...always so fun! xx

  4. Oh my goodness THANK YOU for sharing the date for Restaurant Week! I live in Charlotte too and always try to make it out each time, but I didn't realize it was so soon! YAY Panthers! xo

  5. That is totally my plan for tomorrow too. Its sad that Christmas is over already :(

  6. I'm with you- NO BODY likes OSU {I'm a Michigan girl LOL} and I always have to clean up/put away ASAP. I hate leaving things out!

  7. Nobody likes OSU....They hiss! Haha I went to the U of Illinois

  8. Love your blog. I attempted to follow you on GFC and it was saying it couldn't perform my request :/ I will absolutely try another time though. I will definitely be following along! I am so sad that everyone has been posting about taking down their Christmas decorations. I am so not ready!

    Angi@ cantbuymelovvve.blogspot.com

  9. Ha you're so right. The only people that like Ohio State are Ohio State Fans... Go Tigers :)


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