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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

Whew. First full week back at work and not another day off in sight... at least there are a few things coming up to look forward to!

Linking up again with the awesome April, Darci, Natashaand Christina for the 2nd Five on Friday of 2014.

Current favorite nail color: Essie's Mind Your Mittens

It's dark, not black, and perfect for winter. I can't bring myself to paint my nails dark colors any other time of the year so I have to use it while I can!

I know that everybody was complaining about the cold weather but when I saw that the temps were going to dive down to the single digits & below with the windchill, my first thought was "Yay! Flannel sheets!" It hasn't been cold enough the last couple of years to warrant busting those bad boys out but boy I was pumped that I got to sleep on them this week. I am so bummed that it's going to be 60+ this weekend and that they're coming off the bed :(

Seriously. I love flannel sheets... like these from college:

When I moved to Charlotte over 3.5 years ago, I bought two red couches for my living room and a couple weeks later, some coordinating pillows to go on them. I am so sick & tired of those pillows. I've been on the search for new pillows for who knows how long and I finally found the perfect pillow to replace the old ones:


There was only one left at World Market and it's a discontinued pattern.

The search continues!

College basketball, for me, does not start until ACC play begins in January and every year it makes me so sad that I'm not still in college. Some of my favorite memories from college were all the weeknight basketball games we went to and all of the random things we received for going to games. Like these hats:

Whew. It's Friday & that means a weekend full of fun things around the Queen City:
- Panthers Pep Rally
- time at the gym
- a brunch blate
- Seahawks playoff game
- church
- Panthers playoff game {any recommendations for a good bar for watching the game?}

Is it 5pm yet?!


P.S. - Check out Amanda over at as the wine cork turns. She's "new" to the blogging world & just posted her first Five on Friday :)


  1. Oh girl...that nail polish is amazing! LOVE! Happy Friday!

  2. YAY! GO PANTHERS!!! Loving that nail polish too!!!

  3. Fellow Tiger, here! And I grew up in Charlotte...small world! What a cute pillow!! I hope you find the match! :)

  4. YAY! Go Panthers! That pillow is so cute - how fun is World Market?! I hope you have a great weekend, stay dry & warm out there! xo

  5. I'm so bad at painting my nails dark color so I buy them and get a mani at the salon then do touch ups since i always have chips!! Love the color! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Cute nail polish! Can't go wrong with any of Essie's color. I was so happy about the cold weather this week too. It's rare I would need flannel sheets in Charleston but this week I would of loved to have some!

  7. thanks for the love! ps: all american pub off of bland street in south end is a sweet spot for game watching :)

  8. Love the pillow, the colors are great!

  9. Love that essie color - so pretty!


  10. I have an addiction to Essie and you're feeding it! I love that color and the name ;)

  11. Loving the Essie polish!! Bummer on the perfect pillow being solo ...happy shopping as your search continues! Enjoy the fun weekend you have ahead!! :*)

  12. That nail polish is great! I'm so addicted to all nail polishes so I honestly don't need another, but you sold me! That pillow is so cute too. I took be literally 6 months to track down the perfect pillows for my livingroom and my boyfriend thought I was insane!

    Angi@ cantbuymelovvve.blogspot.com

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Stopping by from the linkup. I love the pattern on that pillow! And the same thing always happens to me where there is only one left of something and of course you need two. Luck is never on my side when it comes to pillows :)


  15. GO PANTHERS! I love pulling out the heated blanket when it's cold but now it is time to put it up since the sun is coming back out!

  16. I swear that flannel sheets are by FAR the best! I bought some new ones for Ryan and I yesterday, and I just never want to get out of bed again!


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