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Post #100

First of all...

Wow! Post #100!

I probably would have lost interest a long time ago if other people didn't show interest in A Southern Twenty-Five so thank you so much for reading!

Seriously though. I expected a few people to read my blog but I had no idea how many of y'all {new & old friends} would end up sticking with it. I find it really entertaining when I come across new people who read my blog, especially when it's unexpected people.

This conversation actually happened while sitting at a bar watching a Seattle game recently...

Guy {who won't be named, you're welcome!}: why are your nails painted black with one gold nail?
Me: the gold nail is a party nail but why? what's wrong with them?
Guy: those are the Saints' colors and the Seahawks are currently playing the Saints and you're cheering for the Seahawks.
Me: it's not really black... it's actually a really dark bl-
Guy: I know, I know, it's actually a really dark blue shut up yes i read your blog but just for the recipes! back to the black nails though.

So yes. Thank you all for whatever reason you choose to read!

& it is only appropriate that my 100th post coincides with my wish finally coming true!
All I wanted to do was wear my Bean Boots in the snow...

I got to spend the day stalking the weather & annoying the receptionist at work by calling every 10 min asking if it was snowing yet.

I got to see my car in the snow & drive home in the snow {successfully, and in less time than normal?}

 I looked ridiculous wearing my boots ALL day at work but at least it snowed & made me look {a little} less ridiculous for wearing them.

I got to take the typical balcony snow picture...

 & then I got to drive on ice to get to work on Wednesday thanks to below freezing temps. Suddenly, all I wanted was this:

So... who's ready for some beach weather?! :)


  1. hahaha girl i am RIGHT there with you about the beach.

  2. It has taken you like 5 months to get to 100 posts.

    I've had my blog over a year and I'm only on like...63. -_-


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