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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

How is it possible that I've already been in Columbia for an entire month?! I feel like I just left Charlotte and all of my friends there two days ago... not that I've been in Columbia and working at my new job for almost five full weeks.

Linking up for another Five on Friday with April!

Midweek date nights are the best.

End of story.

This bracelet from BellasOlasBaubles on Etsy. Yup, that wire wrap bracelet with an outline of South Carolina in it.

I'm not a huge bracelet person, but I kind of sort of need this one.


Anybody else watching the Women's World Cup? I'm just glad that the games are at night so that I'm able to watch them after work instead of trying to take a 2 hour lunch break to catch the game like we did last year for the Men's World Cup.

Craft & Draft + dinner at Henry's {+ a new friend!} makes for a pretty good Wednesday night.

Happy Father's Day to this guy!

Even more so this year now that he's got to put up with me hogging all of the hot water in the house, taking over the TV downstairs to watch So You Think You Can Dance with my mom, and leaving cups of water all over the house for him to find. The biggest thing that he's taught me in the last year is how to be the perfect grill master... which is the greatest thing ever. Love being able to grill together!

Or lagoon-stalk together.


Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh those bracelets are adorable. I love wire wrapped bracelets.

  2. I love that bracelet! Have a great Father's Day!

  3. Wow! I can't believe you've been back home for a month! Time flies! That is a pretty cool bracelet! Hope you have a fabulous Father's Day weekend...grilling with your dad!

  4. Midweek date nights really are the best – makes the week go by much faster!

  5. Aw yes! I love midweek date nights :) Your dinner looked delicious, reminds me of a local spot we have here. The wrap & sweet potato fries are the best. Happy weekend!

  6. Ohhhhh that bracelet is fantastic and Mark and I had a little date night last night and it's so nice to break it up during the week for sure!


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