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Get Up & Run!

Happy National Running Day!

What, you didn’t know it was National Running Day? Me neither! But I found out that handy bit of information early enough this week to write a blog about it and to find a fun run 5K for tonight.

{If you’re local - it’s at Fleet Feet on Lake Murray Blvd at 7:15pm}

I’m not going to lie - I’m kind of dreading this run. I haven’t attempted a hot, humid, muggy run in Columbia yet and tonight promises to be a perfect recipe for sticky weather. Y’all know that I detest hot runs {like the Greek Fest 5K last year}. Regardless, I’ll be lacing up and hitting the road with everyone else for an unofficial 5K.

I’ve been scouring the internet for tips on running in hot weather… here’s what I’ve found combined with what I know works for me. Let’s hope it makes tonight’s run a little bit easier!

1. HYDRATE! Drink lots and lots of water. Then drink some more. Carry water with you when you go out on your run. Don't look like this at the end of your run. DRINK WATER!

2. NO COTTON! I love to run in cotton {see Clemson paw t-shirt that makes an appearance in every race} but it’s so bad for you. After my last race in Charlotte, I switched from a cotton t-shirt to an Under Armor tank top.

{hot, sweaty, and miserable in the cotton shirt}

{cool & happy in the new shirt - the Munchkins helped, too!}

Best. Decision. Ever.

Light-weight, sweat-wicking is the way to go.

3. SHADE! I’ll run a longer distance if it means running in the shade more. This past weekend, I even skipped running out in the direct sunlight on the beach and stuck to the pathways/roads around the island to take advantage of the shade. It was still hot but not as bad as the beach would have been!

4. LISTEN! Listen to your body. Slow down or walk if you need to. Grab some water. Get back in the shade. Do what you need to do!

Here’s to a great National Running Day run tonight!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you're celebrating with a run! I need to sneak one in this afternoon too :)

  2. as a non-runner, i need these tips for when i do wanna take the plunge!

  3. So fitting that your celebrating with a run! I can definitely see how the cotton could be bad but cotton tshirts are always my go-to for workouts too! Those munchkins sure do look like a great reward :)

  4. i love running in cotton! no shits given haha. happy national running day!

  5. gooooood tips girl. can't get enough water ever!! and i need to get some of those tanks. i love it! run for the wine.

  6. I've never been much of a runner but you always make me want to be when you post about your races. Maybe after baby I can get into it, well when it cools off some too.
    P.S. I will refrain from commenting on how "of course you feel better when you aren't wearing that Clemson shirt". ;)

  7. So I missed this yesterday - but I ran today so I'll count it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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