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Time to Sloooooooow Down

Amen to that y'all, amen to that.

But let's back up to Friday first, shall we?

On Friday after work, I hit the road and traveled up I-77 to Charlotte. My friend Laurel was throwing a surprise 30th birthday for her husband at Unknown Brewing Friday night.

He was incredibly surprised which is awesome, because Laurel had worked on this party for months to make it a success!

Saturday was all about packing up the last of my apartment and saying goodbye to my sweet little home of 11 months. It was a long, long, loooong day and a lot hotter than I would have preferred. One day I'll learn not to move during the months of May - August! But that day wasn't Saturday.

Thankfully, all of my stuff is now in only two places! It's either at my parents' house or in my storage unit and y'all, that's a huge relief. I'm glad to have finally closed up that apartment and not have to worry about getting things from Charlotte to Columbia anymore.

Sunday was spent doing things that I rarely have the opportunity to do on a Sunday.

Slept in {yes, 8am is sleeping in}. Washed a lot of towels. Washed a lot of sheets. Cleaned my bathroom. Unpacked boxes. Rearranged my room. Got my car washed & detailed. Had a last minute lunch with Patrick and ran some errands together. Bought groceries for my family and planned supper for Sunday and Monday. Packed all of my snacks for the week & lunch for Monday.

Anybody like the bookshelf from my childhood + wine rack table + dresser combination going on? What you don't see is the other dresser in the room, the rest of the bed, or the nightstand. There's so much furniture in there! But it's organized and that's all that matters to me at the moment.

Also picked up two bottles of wine for my parents and some fresh flowers for the kitchen. Couldn't find tulips {my mom's favorite flowers} or the flower vase, so I improvised with sunflowers and a pitcher.

It was seriously a "Sunday well spent" because at the end of the day, I felt prepared for the week. I'm used to rolling back into town anywhere from 6 - 10pm and not having a Sunday to get things done. It was pretty freakin' awesome, I'm not going to lie.

& now it's time to really slow down.

I've felt so disoriented since moving to Columbia. Part of that was because my stuff was in two different states, but most of it was because I don't like to slow down. I'd get up in the morning, go to the gym, come home, leave for work a little after 7, work all day, go do something fun after work, and not show back up at home until after 8 or 9... leaving me about an hour at night to get ready for the next day, do laundry, etc. That's stopping {for the most part!} this week.

It's going to be gym, work, HOME.

I'm kind of excited about it, too.

... until the weekend because y'all know I can't quit my travel every weekend habit that easily... ;)


  1. Dang girl! Sounds like you had a busy yet productive weekend! Glad you're getting settled in and got to sleep in on Sunday! And definitely glad you were able to get caught up and feel prepared for the week. That's the best feeling!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. So glad you are finally getting settled into one place! Looking forward to hearing where the next location might be.... :)

  3. Love the combo with the wine rack you have going on in your room!! Also love the look on your friend's husbands face when he walked into the surprise party! Funny enough I've never been to a surprise party....xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Love those kind of weeks where you just keep it simple! I know living in one place has to bee a weight off your shoulders.

  5. WHOA...look at you having everything organized and put together! So glad you're finally moved and "settled" back at home. Enjoy your low-key, relaxed week!

  6. Yay! You're one step closer to being settled!!! Good luck with slowing down this week :)

  7. It must be so nice to finally be settled in and have everything moved! Isn't it funny how sleeping in now means just until 8:00 now?! I'm always laughing about that because I can never sleep in anymore but it's worth it for such a productive day like that!

  8. What a fun weekend! Moving is awful but it's so nice to be settled! Enjoy! :)

  9. It was so sweet of Laurel to throw that party. He looks thrilled!

    If you aren't happy with the mixed furniture colors, you could spray-paint some of them in the color that you like best.

    Unrelated, but have you taken this quiz (I didn't make it)? I made Slytherin. http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Reviews/HarryPotter/Docs/Quiz-House.html

  10. Yay for having all your stuff at least in one city. I can't believe you are still traveling so much on the weekends. Your days are jam packed!

  11. Isn't finally settling in just the best feeling?! So happy that you're getting there little by little :)


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