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Weekending: Snapshots from Kiawah

Y'all, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

So forgive me if today's post is just a bunch of snapshots from another perfect weekend on Kiawah. It was full of sunshine, time spent on the beach, and good friends with a little Father's Day dinner to round off the weekend.

The boys were on a fishin' mission this weekend: catch a baby fish to catch a bigger fish to catch a BIG fish {shark}.

Lindsey helped with the fishing & pulled in something kind of neat...

Later in the day, both reels started going crazy. They threw me at one of them to try and reel in whatever was on the other end of it... and y'all, I am not a fishing person by any means nor do I have much upper body strength. So I passed the pole off to someone else. This little guy was on the end of it:


Patrick had another small shark on the end of his reel, but I completely missed it with all of the excitement going on with the stingray.

Step 1: catch shark.
Step 2: release shark back into water.
Step 3: snag the shark back out of the water, bare handed.

It was an exciting {and long} day down at the beach on Saturday. It required a little bit of this on Sunday to recover:

A good book, a chair, and toes in the water.

We met up with my brother in Charleston to grab an early Father's Day dinner at D'Allesandro's before heading back to Columbia. Their pizza? Delicious. The garlic bread? A-m-a-zing.

Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!


  1. These photos are gorgeous!! I love that the beach is never crowded in any of your weekend visits!


  3. Such gorgeous photos! I've never been to Kiawah but definitely want to go!
    xo Southern Style

  4. Kiawah is so beautiful. I hope I can visit there someday. We mostly go to the Folly Beach area because I have relatives there.

    The fifth HP movie really did not represent the book well.

  5. I love Kiawah!! It's so nice you're able to go so often - such a wonderful place :)


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