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Columbia's Thirsty Fellow

Two Sundays ago, I had a conversation with Patrick that sort of went like this.

Me - hey, I'm running around town doing errands. Going to drop things off at Goodwill, get my car washed, run by Total Wine & Target, probably get lunch at some point, and then stop by the grocery store.
Patrick - when are you going to do all of that?
Me - now.
Patrick - well, I need to go to Total Wine and Target today, too.
Me - DO YOU WANNA GO WITH ME?! We can run errands TOGETHER!!!!!

Y'all, I got so freakin' excited over the prospect of running errands together on a Sunday because when you've been in a long distance relationship for nearly six years... that's one of the things you never, ever get to do. So I might have been a little {tiny bit} excited about it.

Something similar happened on Monday when Patrick asked what we were doing for dinner on Tuesday. I'm glad he at least remembers that we live in the same town and can do things together on weeknights because we'd be in trouble if it were left up to me. I keep forgetting!

Anyway, that was a long way of saying that Tuesday after work, I met up with Patrick at Thirsty Fellow for happy hour/dinner. Thirsty Fellow is one of my favorite places to go eat in Columbia but we don't get there nearly as often as I would like.

They had quite a few local beers on tap including River Rat Broad River Red and the elusive Westbrook IPA and Westbrook White Thai. I branched out and went with the Broad River Red while Patrick stuck to his favorite Westbrook IPA.

That was all of the branching out that I could handle though. I chose to go with my standard side Caesar salad and pepperoni/green bell pepper pizza. Thirsty Fellow is known for their pizzas so you can't really go wrong when you order one of those.

Supposedly, this French Dip sandwich is a-maz-ing, but I have yet to try it. It's Patrick's go to though when we go to Thirsty Fellow for dinner.

Good beer, good food, good company. It was a perfect midweek date night for sure.


  1. That is so sweet about the errands! 6 years long distance- whoa! So happy you're in the same town now!

  2. I wish I could get myself to like beer. Just can't get bast the aftertaste! Love that pizza though. My husband never wants to run errands with me so it is always a treat when he will run along. I know it has to be 10X more exciting since your used to long distance.

  3. I completely feel your excitement - we were long distance for a long time too and the first time we went to the grocery store together I was so excited! All that food looks so delicious!

  4. Yay for being in the same town as your boyfriend! I remember loving running errands together once I lived in the same city as Andy. By the way, LOVE Thirsty Fellow. Their pizza is amazing, and funnily enough so is the pear and strawberry salad.

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