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Weekending: The Columbia Edition

Yup. You read that right: an entire weekend in Columbia!

The weekend started on Thursday night after work when I met up with my friend Katie and went to check out Five after Five in Five Points. It was so unbelievably hot! I had my fingers crossed that it might cool down after a little while but when I was driving home after 10, my car was still reading 89 degrees outside. Ridiculous. But we had a good time drinking, catching up, and people watching.

We followed that up with a late dinner at Pawley's Front Porch.

Y'all. Best burgers ever.

Friday night, we kept things low key by grilling out and watching the Women's World Cup game between USA and China. I may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch by 9:30...

Saturday was all about doing as many things as I possibly could.

Slept in.

Wandered around Soda City Market and checked out the crazy things going on by the state house.

Had lunch at Thirsty Fellow with my favorite running buddy in Charlotte as she passed through Columbia.

Ventured out onto Harbison Blvd for some new running things and into the mall for a minute.

Did a little car shopping.

Got dinner out at Yamato's.

... was asleep again by 9:30.

Sunday, I slowed things down and went to go spend time with my grandmother. We went to church, out to breakfast, and did a little shopping.

Wrapped up the weekend by getting things done around the house to prepare for the week, taking a nap, and by cooking dinner for me and my parents.


Here's to the end of June, the beginning of July, and a four day work week that ends with a 5 day vacation down to Kiawah to celebrate the 4th!


Linking up with Biana and Meghan for another edition of Weekending.


  1. What a fun weekend!! I've enjoyed watching USA's soccer team play - we watched on Friday night, too!! I have heard so many good things about Cola's Market on Saturdays!!

  2. That pizza looks so good! So awesome you got to spend time with your grandma! Come link up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Have you ever been to the Harbison Boulevard area during the Christmas shopping season? If you haven't, don't!

  4. Oh gosh, all your food this weekend looks so delicious! Looks like such a fun and full weekend! Enjoy your short week!

  5. Yaaayy what a fun weekend!! I LOVE your Sunday outfit, and that pizza looks so good. I'm so excited for my first South Carolina 4th of July. I had already moved down here last July but was in California for the holiday. Have a good (and hopefully speedy) week!

  6. Your weekend looks fabulous (and delicious)! I want to eat ALL those yummy things!

  7. I want that pizza please!!

  8. oh the burger and the pizza, looks so good! i love that you spend time with your grandmother, y'all are so cute together!


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