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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday... from Savannah!

Y'all. It's Friday. I'm not at work. I am completely ok with this.

Once again, linking up with the Five on Friday hostesses April, Darci, Natashaand Christina!



If you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen this picture & know that I'm off on a road trip to Savannah, GA:

Laurel's getting married in a month & this weekend is Bachelorette Weekend. Helloooo 3 day weekend & my first trip to Savannah!

That's right.


Only took me nearly twenty six years to get here but I'm finally here and I cannot wait to do a little exploring around this town. I've heard so much about it and I'm hoping that it lives up to the hype. Expect a lot of pictures next week.

Remember that post earlier this week about overpacking? This is all for a three day/three night trip.

Might have a problem but like I said, it's all about the options. And the belief that I'm going to go run three miles this morning otherwise packing the running shoes, clothes, GPS watch, and running armband was pointless.

I can't even begin to tell you why I'm so obsessed with the Firecracker Chicken Wrap appetizer from Longhorns but it is hands down my favorite appetizer. It's also becoming my treat to myself for dinner any night that I have to stay at work later than 8pm. I stayed late on Tuesday night this week so guess what I had for dinner?

Firecracker Chicken Wraps. So, so, so good.

I finally got fed up with my old school iPhone 4 and have upgraded to an iPhone 5s. I'm in love. I knew my old phone was slow and creaky and an absolute pain but I didn't realize how much it was until I started playing with my new phone. It's night and day. It isn't a pain to try to send someone a text now. Taking a picture doesn't take an hour. I can have phone conversations now without my phone deciding to call someone else, turn on FaceTime, switch to speaker phone, etc. Not going to lie... this phone has probably been the highlight of my week {at least until we got to Savannah!}

Anyway - it's time to go explore this historic old city and get this Bachelorette Weekend going! Day drinking, anyone? :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Welcome to Savannah! Hope you have fun!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend! have a great time :-)

  3. Yay for the new iPhone... I had a 4 and it was like a different world when I upgraded. Have fun in Savannah!

  4. i went to savannah last year at this time for a bachelorette party! great choice!!! the city is so fun. word from the wise: be careful walking after drinking if in 4 inch heels. you will fall down.

    have fun!

  5. Love Savannah! I actually got engaged there :) Can't wait to see your pictures!!


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