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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

All I ask is that the warm, sunny, amazing weather come back into my life. Bring on the 95 degree days, please!

In the meantime... it's Friday. Let's do this thing.

Holy cow bells, another weekend in Charlotte? Back to back weekends aren't all that common but you better believe that I am enjoying it! Don't get me wrong. I love to be on the go and traveling to Columbia, Kiawah, Clemson, wherever, but it is so nice to not be living out of a suitcase this weekend. I know my car is super appreciative, too. 


Speaking of this weekend... I have an old friend coming to visit, a 5K to run, and a Pub Crawl to participate in. It's going to be one busy weekend but I'm glad to be getting out and about in Charlotte. I've been here almost four years and there are still so many things that I want to do. After this weekend I'll be able to cross off The World's Largest Pub Crawl. Seriously. They had 16,000+ people participate last year.

Although, I'm not sure I will ever be able to top the one and only other bar crawl I've ever participated in: Senior Walk.

It was the Monday before Clemson's graduation. It was one last big hoorah with all of my friends from college. It was a day full of absolutely no responsibilities other than making it back on the CAT bus at the end of the night {which we actually failed at doing}. I also got a phone call that morning right before we left with the one job offer that I wanted more than anything. Yup. It was a fantastic day.

I attempted two more Pinterest Test Recipes over the last couple of weeks... so easy & so delicious.

Pull Apart Pizza Bread by Hello Newlywed

Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas by The Taylor House

Did anyone else take advantage of the gorgeous weather earlier this week? I squeezed in enough time out on the porch reading to reread two books - the first Harry Potter & the first Hunger Games. Plus, a little running on the Greenway. I want my gorgeous weather to come back!

As always, linking up with the Five on Friday hostesses April, Darci, Natashaand Christina!



  1. You are going to have a BLAST at the Pub Crawl! I did it last year with Glenn and some friends and 1) my body told me one year was my limit but 2) it was worth every bit of hangover. ;) Have fun!

  2. Have fun this weekend! I've done the bar crawl the past 2 years and am looking forward to Saturday!!

  3. Those recipes look yum! Always looking for new recipes to try. Have fun staying in one place this weekend! Sometimes, it's just what you need! Happy Friday :)

  4. You will LOVE the bar crawl!! Be prepared to wait in lines though, it gets more crowded every year.. but still worth it and always makes for some great pics :)


  5. Hello from the link up! Those recipes look fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend! :)


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