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I can't wait for summer because...

When you grow up in Columbia, SC, you learn to embrace the heat and the humidity. It's a way of life. There's no escaping it. You learn to cope or you settle with the fact that you'll be spending most of your time indoors between the months of May and September.

Call me crazy but... the heat and humidity might be the one thing that I wish Charlotte had more of during the summer time. It's one thing I'm really looking forward to and not just because it makes getting ready in the mornings much easier {hello, curly hair!} It's one thing that I'm looking forward to about summer rolling in soon...

I can't wait for summer because...

I want to leave work on a Friday afternoon, head to the bar, and sit outside in the warm sunshine while enjoying a glass of wine or beer.

I want to be able to wake up at 6am in the morning and have sunlight streaming through my window instead of struggling to get up at 7:15 in the dark.

I want to be able to wear shorts & skirts & dresses & sandals.

I want to drive around town with my hair pulled back & windows rolled down.

I want to go fall asleep next to the pool.

I want to go to the Farmers Market! {This should really be number one on the list}

I want more time to sit around and read a great book.

I want to ride my bike as much as possible on the greenways after work and on the weekend.

I want long, lazy Saturdays out on Lake Murray listening to boat music and hanging out with friends.

I want to go to TCBY at 8:30 because it's still 80+ degrees and light outside.

I want to go to my friends' weddings {which are all outside this summer} and not be freezing in a dress.

I want to walk down the beach in the middle of the night, stare at the stars for awhile, and hopefully run into a mama sea turtle.

I'm ready to celebrate & go see Bruno Mars in Concert.

I want to fall asleep at night to a summer storm {only as long as the summer isn't full of rain this year!}

Because I'm ready to retire my pea coats, scarves, and gloves and bring out the bathing suits.

I want to celebrate Birthday Drink All Week Week.
{Ok, let's be real, I'm just want summer to come around so I can celebrate my birthday for an entire month...}

I want to be able to go down to Kiawah, set my chair out on the beach in the morning, and not leave it until I've run out of good books to read.

I am so ready for summer.
Bring on the heat and the humidity.
Remind me in three months that I wished for the heat, k? Thanks.

The Daily Tay


  1. haha--I love how my curls respond to summer humidity, too! Because of that, my hair seems much more flat in the winter and I don't like it that way. I'm looking forward to warm weather!

  2. This makes me want summer here even more! The idea of the sun not setting till 9:00 makes me smile :-)


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