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Post BB&T 5K

BB&T Corporate Cup: 5K #10 COMPLETE!

Alright, so I knew I wasn't going for any PRs in this race & I knew I wouldn't be running the race like normal, but I was thoroughly annoyed at myself for having to stop a few times. Thank you, inconveniently timed sinus infection! Ugh. 

But I ran for a little over two miles before I had to stop.

& I finished {at a sprint}

& it wasn't my worst time ever.

& as always, it's my favorite way to start off a Saturday morning.

Plus it was pretty great to be running with a lot of friends from work. Here's where I'd like to insert a group picture of everyone from work who signed up for the race but ya know, might have shown up two seconds too late for that... whoops.


 Don't let the look of nervousness fool you. Jessie was the only one brave enough to attempt running the half marathon while the rest of us stuck to the 5K.

Note to self: stop wearing hats in pictures.

Post Race!

Michele's first 5K!

Chip Time - 31:06
Pace - 10:01/mile
Next Race - Color Me Green 5K Trail Run on Saturday!

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