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Wine Down at the Wine Vault

About a year ago, my friend Laurel from work introduced me to the awesomeness that is The Wine Vault.
{fyi - it was 60 degrees & windy the day I took this picture. Otherwise the smoke free patio would have been packed}


This place is fantastic.

It's conveniently located to work, has good wine, a great beer selection, and outdoor {smoke free} seating. Plus it's not too expensive. You can find beers there for like $2 each.

It's also the place where I decided that I was going to put my big girl pants on, drink beer, and learn to like it. And by "I" I mean Laurel.

Yes. I learned to drink beer at a place called The Wine Vault. Whatever.

This is now one of my favorite places to go to after work whether it's a Wednesday night or a Friday night. I can't wait for the first 75/80 degree day where we can move back outside to the patio to enjoy a drink.

P.S. - I don't know about other bloggers, but sometimes I feel like such a creeper taking random pictures of places on my phone. So excuse these iphone pics because a) it was dark b) I felt like a creeper & c) these were all after multiple glasses of wine...


  1. I remember college nights at the Wine Vault... boozing on a budget haha!

  2. haha! i am so on board with you about the taking pictures of places.

  3. Any tips to become a beer drinker? I can't stand it and my boyfriend is both a home brewer and beer snob, so that is a bit of a problem, HA!

    Also..I've been blogging for 3 years now and still feel weird taking tons of pictures in public places, haha!


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