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Confessions of an Overpacking Traveler

Confession #1: I overpack like it's my job when I'm going on any sort of trip.


Seriously, any sort of trip. It could just be a night away and I'm still going to pack things that I don't need and I know I'm probably not going to need. The slight chance of needing it makes me want to pack things to be prepared for any situation.

Confession #2: I will still overpack even though I have checked the weather and meticulously planned out outfits for each day/event of said trip and have planned for all possibilities.

Yup. There's a packing list for every trip that details the weather conditions and each outfit I plan on wearing that day. You know... something for during the day, something at night, pajamas. Or... bike riding clothes, beach stuff, clothes for post beach wear, pajamas. Everything that goes into my bag is written out on my packing list that gets started at least a week before I actually need to pack anything.

Confession #3: Well, almost everything. There's always at least a thing or five that gets tossed in at the end that I think I might need like an extra t-shirt or my running shoes or some nail polish or that extra bathing suit.

Confession #4: Overpacking has backfired on me before and led to tears at a ski resort and major struggles when it comes to getting a bag off the conveyer belt at the airport.

Confession #5: Overpacking {planning} has made me look like the smartest person in the world, especially when you're the only one who thought ahead & packed warm clothes, a rain jacket, and an umbrella in her carry on bag.

When you leave Charlotte in 95 degree, sunny, humid weather... it doesn't really occur to you that it's going to be 40 & rainy when you land in Germany. Unless you're me:

Confession #6: I've been traveling on a consistent basis for the last five or so years and still haven't mastered the art of packing just enough to get by with.

Confession #7: I prepare for every weather condition while I'm on a trip but I go to work on a regular basis in 40 degree rainy weather without a coat or umbrella because I didn't realize it was going to be cold and rainy.

Confession #8: Any time I look at my suitcase, sigh, and try to figure out what I should leave behind I always remind myself:
It's not overpacking.
It's options.


  1. I over pack too, always! I'd rather have too much then not have that one shirt I wanted to wear!

  2. I agree with all of these! Especially #3...that last minute item sometimes (usually) ends up being a staple for my trip!

  3. I am the same way about checking the weather like everyday until I leave for a trip. And options are always good :)

  4. I overpack wayyyy too much! Even when I'm just going home, I feel like I end up with so many bags!

  5. This is 100% me. I just went home for the weekend for my grandmother's birthday party. One occasion, less than 48 hours. I ended up packing 3 pairs of pants, a dress, 2 pairs of heels, and 3 shirts. I always stress that I'm not going to like what I packed so I need options! I'm going to Texas this weekend and the weather is warm during the day and cool at night.. It's been stressing me out all week trying to pack for that!!

  6. this is SO me...i am seriously the worst at packing...it's a HUGE struggle to avoid being THE overpacker :)

  7. This is me as well - but only for trips that are longer than 2 days...everything else I'm good with!! I'm also an over planner and tend to think I can do more in one place than is manageable!! I have recently started trying the outfits on before I pack them to make sure they fit and I look ok in them lol!

  8. hahaha--my problem is more like underpacking. I just figure, ahh, it's only a couple days, I can live without this...only, sometimes I can't...

  9. Right there with you! Over packing is the story of my life - I have been that girl with an open suitcase at the baggage check line trying to cram stuff into my carry-on to get under the 50 lb weight limit on more occasions than I'd care to admit... I blame my parents for gifting me a GIANT suitcase when I was in high school - I can't help but fill it all the way up! It's options - amen sister!


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