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Pre-Color Me Green 5K

Are you getting tired of all the running posts lately? Don't worry! This is the last race for the next month... unless I get talked into another one.

The Color Me Green 5K is this Saturday & it's 5K #11 & I am pumped.

I'm excited about this race for a few reasons
1. I've never done a trail run
2. I've never been to the Whitewater Center before
3. It's a good way to start the day, especially since the remainder of the day will be spent drinking {largest Pub Crawl, y'all}
4. I'm finally better from that sinus infection
5. I get to run this one with one of my oldest friends

Added bonus? The t-shirt is amazingly soft and comfy! I picked up my race packet last night and wore the shirt for the remainder of the evening, including sleeping in it. Whoops.

Playlist {basically the same as last week's}:

Ready to run!

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  1. Hey! Hope you have a great race! My husband's running a St. Patrick's Day themed 5k on Saturday, too. Must be the season...


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