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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

Hey! It's FRIDAY! It's also the last "calm" weekend that I have in store for the next couple of months. I have a feeling that with the way the weather is shaping up for Sunday that I'll be spending the day inside the apartment doing a little spring cleaning/purging. Motivation? The more crap I don't need that I get rid of now... the less I'll be moving at the end of May.

As always, linking up with the Five on Friday hostesses April, Darci, Natashaand Christina!


It's Friday and the weather is going to be nice tonight... sounds like a perfect night to hit up Food Truck Friday. I'm can already taste the Big Cheesy from Papi Queso. Mmm... delicious.

I've recently stumbled across Taylor at The Daily Tay and her blog posts are pretty much the highlight of my day. She posted this on her blog yesterday & I love every single thing about it:

It's officially spring and the weather is outstanding and Riverbanks Zoo is calling my name. But when to visit? Hopefully soon!

P.S. - who wants to go with me? Cause I doubt I'm going to talk Patrick into going back for a fourth time {because the zoo is only fun with alcohol and food} in less than a year...

Papa freakin' Pope. He's quickly becoming my hands down favorite character on Scandal, especially when he goes off on a rant. He steals the scene every single time. & last night's episode? Yup. He did it again. As did Shonda Rimes because seriously, who comes up with these story lines!?

So... are you a No Reply Blogger? Chances are that if you are a NRB then you probably have no clue that you are {I sure didn't when I was!} There's quite of a few of y'all that leave sweet comments to blog posts & when I go to reply to you, I find out that you're a NRB.

Don't worry though! Easy enough problem to fix if you follow these instructions. Check it out! Get out of the dreaded No Reply Blogger land :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ha! Loving that blog post printout - so true!! Happy weekend :)

  2. That sandwich looks amazeballs and that stat list is hilarious!

  3. Love The Daily Tay too - so funny!!

    Stumbled to your blog through the link up, so cute! New follower here!!

    I hate NRB too, I had no clue when I was one... but, always feel bad when I can't reply to comments. :(

    Happy weekend!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE that image about bloggers...SO true..even if they aren't real! haha!
    I am also glad you're spreading the word about No Reply Bloggers...SO sad when I can't respond!
    Hope you had a great week & an even better weekend! Cheers!

    1. So I totally have to re-comment & let you know that although I fixed my no-reply blogger, it changed when I updated me email & I never corrected it! Thank goodness for your post....geez I feel stupid! ha!

  5. I agree the zoo is always better with drinks! Although, now that I have a little one, I go stone cold sober once a week!

  6. I've been trying to hard to get into Scandal but haven't had the time to sit and watch past episodes like I want. I feel like I'm missing out! Have a great weekend!!


  7. I loveeeeee grilled cheeses and that one looks. amazing.

    Tattered to Taylored

  8. I have heard such great things about scandal! Will have to look into watching i! xx.

  9. I need Big Cheesy in my life. That sounds sooooo good!

  10. oh.my.gosh. is that a grilled cheese? is it the size of a house? I love it! Really wishing I had bread now...or cheese. Can you say get to the grocery store or what?! yummmmmm

  11. I always hear about Food Truck Friday but have never been. I need to fix that this year!!

  12. Stopped by from the linkup! LOVE that blog post you shared, so funny and very on point! Glad to connect in the blog world!
    xx, cayte

  13. hahaha so THAT'S why I'm not the greatest at blogging...I don't drink coffee... :)

  14. That blog land post is the best!!! Too funny! I don't drink coffee, but I am all about a chai latte, so I think that makes up for it ;)

    Happy weekending, pretty lady!! Xo

  15. That blog post print out is hilarious! Made my day :-) And I cannot wait to get home this summer to try all these food trucks in Charlotte that you keep raving about!

  16. Haha I LOVE that print out! Blogland definitely has it's own special characteristics :) That Big Cheesy looks amazing - can you send the food truck over to Chicago? Happy Sunday!

  17. We have a local brewery that hosts Food Trucks almost weekly in the summertime..it is always so fun! I am certainly ready for warm temps to stick around!

    Just found your blog..stop by mine and say hi sometime!


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