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Post-Color Me Green 5K Trail Run

Y'all, I'm still green from Saturday and I'm now absolutely in love with the Whitewater Center. It might be my new favorite place in Charlotte.

If you live in Charlotte and you haven't been there yet... go! Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day to be there and I enjoyed every minute of it. I've already started plotting my next trip out there.
But back to the trail run.

Who knew that the biggest obstacle on the trail run wouldn't be the hills, uneven paths, or slippery spots? The biggest obstacle of this trail run was that it was also a color run which meant you had a lot of people participating that had no intention of running the entire race. That lead to a lot of bottlenecks where you had to stop and walk until the path widened up enough to get around the walkers.

I want to do another race on the trail just to run more of the course than I was able to this past weekend. Luckily, it looks like they have trail runs out there on a regular basis.
{before} & {after}

I'm not even sure what to do with my race time because in addition to all the forced walking, the trail run wasn't even a full 5K. It was only 2.84 miles...?
The time after the race was almost the best part of the race. The Whitewater Center was hosting an event called the Green River Revival that started just as the race was finishing up. There was a band, they turned on the whitewater, vendors were set up, and people were streaming into the facility by the hundreds. Drew & I lucked out and found a perfect spot on top of a big boulder right on the edge of the water where we camped out for the next two hours. It was a great place for whitewater watching & seeing the river turn green.

I could watch people on the whitewater all day long. I don't care if they are kayaking, rafting, or riverboarding. Riverboarding is what fascinated me the most and is something that I want to try someday {maybe!} Now I just need to figure out when I can get back out there & enjoy it!


  1. I love the whitewater center, been several times but yet to go rafting. And I didn't know they turned the water green, it looks so cool!

  2. That is such a neat event. I love the whitewater center and want to go again next time I'm in Charlotte.

  3. I absolutely love the white water center! Josh and I have been out there several times to do the ropes course and raft. I really want to go back though and do the Canopy tour!!

  4. I would so love to visit the Whitewater Center.. I love how the end photos you see green water how neat..


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