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College Football: Week 1

I walked out of USC's stadium last Thursday night excited to have seen the first game of the season, but exceptionally nervous for Clemson's game on Saturday. Someone asked me if, as a Clemson fan, I was happy with USC's loss.

Honestly? Not really. Because I was afraid that Clemson was going to turn around and do the exact same thing.

Well... we didn't look as bad doing it but we still lost by 24 points just like USC. Both teams are now 0-1 with the very real possibility of being 1-2 before we're halfway through September.

At least we had fun tailgating?

Patrick bought a brand new table. We ate off the tailgate box. Oops.

It was a billion degrees outside. I sat directly in front of this contraption of the majority of the tailgate and it was the best.

See that pimento cheese? Check back next week for more about it!

Saturday night, we were in Kiawah, and we had a couple of friends over to our house to watch the Clemson/Georgia game. We made Spinach Dip and Pigs in a Blanket as our first half appetizers with burgers for dinner.

We won't talk about the game :)

Football season, thankfully, is a long season. There's so many games left to play and so much left to play for. I cannot wait to get back up to Clemson on Saturday and see my Tigers in person!


  1. We lost our first game too :( And our next game is against Mizzou and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Hope both of our teams get their acts together soon! And LOVE your tailgate set up!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Your tailgate looks so fun!!! Pigs in a blanket are probably my favorite thing ever - I secretly wanted to have them as a passed hor'dourves our wedding lol!!

  3. Ah looks like such a fun weekend! The Gator game was rained out so it was pretty uneventful for us but this makes me so excited for the next week of games!

  4. mmmmmmmm that dip and pigs in a blanket. i need to come tailgate with you!

  5. What fun!! That food looks delish! I went to a college that ---- get this --- did NOT have a football team!! So sad I don't have that college football spirit!

  6. Yum! Can't wait for more details on the pimento cheese. Sorry your Tigers lost... but the season is long! Y'all's tailgate looks super fun!


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