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Sixty Days Without

The way I talk about Kiawah, you would think that I've been going down to Kiawah for weekend getaways and summer vacations for years. Until last July, I could count on one hand the number of times that I had been to Kiawah.


Once for a quick overnight stay, once for a weekend in March.

It didn't take long for me to become enchanted with Kiawah once I was able to spend some actual time down there. The one weekend in March prompted my brother & I to ask our parents to do our week long summer vacation at Kiawah rather than out on the West Coast. The one week vacation in July convinced me that Kiawah is a place to escape to and a place that can heal all wounds.

Every weekend that I've been down there over the last year has just driven in the fact that Kiawah is a really special place.

Unfortunately, I'm about to go sixty days of no Kiawah. There are five home Clemson football games, one home USC game, one road trip to Nashville, and one weekend in Charlotte occupying my time between now and then. It just isn't possible to get down there until November. So I made the best out of this past weekend down there.

See you in November, Kiawah!


  1. These pictures are amazing! That water looks so pretty and the sunsets? Gorgeous!

    <3, Pamela

  2. You nailed it with the photos this time lady. Loooove #4. And what's the giant fancy building you and the twins were in? I'm sure Kiawah will feel even BETTER in November as a getaway back to sun and surf (err...beach-sitting, given that it's you.)

  3. I mean could it be more picturesque there?! I had never even heard of it until you mentioned Kiawah and now I want to go!!

  4. this place is gorgeous. and i have never been. where do recommend staying??

    ps: if clemson played on the beach at kiawah and won, how much would your life be made?? :)

  5. So gorgeous! My friends actually went down there this summer for a get away and ended up calling into work sick for 3 more days so they could stay!

  6. It does look beautiful! At least you have fun things occupying your time until you're able to get back!

  7. Gorgeous pics! If there is one reason to miss out on Kiawah trips, I'd say college football is it!


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