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Oh Hey Friday: Nashville Edition

Ah... today is the last vacation day that I'll have from work until Thanksgiving. Sigh. Better enjoy it while I can and since I'm in NASHVILLE {!!!} you can bet that I am enjoying it to the fullest.

So let's hop to it so I can get out and explore this awesome city.

Guess who has a birthday tomorrow? It's birthday #29 for my brother!

Yes, that's an elephant and a giraffe. The giraffe made for a great dancing partner that night.

Last Friday, my grandmother fell & broke her hip & had surgery. A good portion of last weekend was spent in the hospital because of it. I hated the circumstances but I had so much fun hanging out with her! She's feisty and kept me on my toes all weekend long, even after I left to head back to Charlotte Sunday night. She was moved to an extended care facility on Tuesday this week to begin her rehab... and I stopped by to visit & decorate.

I mean... it's fall/Halloween so there are tons of cute decorations, plus I love pictures, plus I kept thinking "What would I like if I were stuck in one of these places?" At least her room is cute now! And she is doing really well, so thanks for all of the thoughts & prayers sent her way!

See? Doesn't she look great with her Tiger Tail? She's so ready for tomorrow night's game!

It's no secret that I take a million pictures everywhere that I go. This was before the blogging days, too. It dates all the way back to middle school when I would go through disposable cameras like it was my job, and it only got worse through being on the yearbook staff, taking photography classes, and buying my first digital camera.

My parents are currently trying to live up to my standards while they're on their trip and do me proud. I cannot wait to see how many pictures they actually end up taking. These have been my favorite so far

Red Band Society for the win.

red band society fox poster
Didn't catch the premiere this week?

Definitely your loss.


Sorry y'all, time to go explore. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see what shenanigans we get up to this weekend!


P.S. - Happy SOLID ORANGE Friday! Cheer a little extra for Clemson this weekend as they take on the #1 team down in Tallahassee. It would be nice if the game was a little closer than it was last year... & a big shout out to Jameis Winston for going ahead and making a big play for Clemson before the game even started. Classy guy.


  1. Love how you are encouraging your parents to take pics! I give my mom Instagram assignments, ha!

    1. The selfie of my parents with the Eiffel Tower was an assignment, haha :)

  2. Ahhh.. have so much fun in Nashville, I hear it's awesome! And that's so sweet what you did for your grandma, hope she's feeling better! xo

  3. Have so much fun in Nashville!! I love that city! Red Band Society was so good! I'm glad I caught the premiere and is now part of my fall TV lineup!

  4. Your #3 sounds exactly like me! Growing up I was obsessed with taking pictures, then I joined yearbook and started taking pictures as my job, and now my husband just doesn't quite understand why I feel the need to photograph everything! It must be in our blood ;) Although your pictures are WAY better than my measly iPhone!

  5. Aw, hope your grandmother feels better. Have fun in Nashville! :)

  6. I want to go there soooo badly!! Sending positive vibes to Grandma!!

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