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College Football: Week 2

First of all, Happy Birthday to my grandmother! She's 89 today {not that she acts like it} and hands down loves Clemson football more than I do. My mom and I totally get our obsession with Clemson from her!

Second of all, whew. All is right in the college football world again! Clemson trounced poor little SC State 73-7 and we have a bye week to rest up before FSU.

It was the perfect girls' football weekend. Woke up, picked up Chickfila, and hit the road. When we got to Clemson, it was time for a little bit of wine and a little bit of shopping.

Picked up these goodies downtown at Tigertown Graphics:

Then we headed back to the tailgate to drink some more wine and have a few snacks. Pimento cheese & Chickfila chicken nuggets!

Ashley & her husband Andrew stopped by for a few minutes before we headed into the game.

Not going to lie, it was a pitiful showing of Clemson fans at kickoff. The fans did fill in after kickoff but I'm assuming the 12:30 time + SC State wasn't enough to get most people out of bed early enough on Saturday. Luckily the rest of the home games have a little more appeal to them.

Deshaun! He had the crowd cheering every time he came on the field to lead the Tigers. Four drives, four touchdowns. Kind of hard not to cheer for him.

& sorry I'm not sorry. Clemson, I love ya, but I am not sitting in the stands in 103 degree weather.

But despite the heat, you sure were gorgeous on Saturday!

Clemson is on to a bye week to prepare for Florida State {dun dun dunnnnn} and this weekend I'm heading to Columbia to see USC take on UGA. Can't wait for week 3 of football!

P.S. - this is why I love my company. We take Solid Orange Friday very seriously around there & this picture happens every week.


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet grandma!!! I am so jealous of your tailgates - they look like the most fun!! I'll be rooting for Clemson to beat FSU :)

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend! I'm so impressed your grandma goes to the games! Also I really hope y'all kick FSU's butt in 2 weeks :)

  3. love that your grandma is so into it! cute outfit with the purple shorts & orange necklace :)

  4. I love that your grandma is such a huge football fan and tailgates/attends games with you :) Making so many fun memories together!

  5. So much orange!!! Looks like you have a blast… I wish UNCC had a football team when I was there (even though it's quite a different experience).

  6. love x 100!! That menu too!! Adore!

  7. Loved seeing you and of course, your momma! See you at the next game! xoxo

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