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College Football: Week 5

Can we all pause for a minute and appreciate how great it was to be back in Clemson this weekend? I'll tell you what - I had too much South Carolina going on for the first four weeks of the season and it was so, so, so nice to be back at Death Valley.

Not that I didn't enjoy all of the USC games, because I did, but it was still great to be surrounded again by orange and purple.

We didn't set up an actual tailgate again this week but opted for some tailgate hopping instead. I'm really excited for this coming week's game against NC State because it'll be the first time all season that we'll have a full tailgate going. Plus, there might be a new recipe making it's debut on the grill.

He didn't like the tiger paw on my cheek so he attempted to cover it up :(

Patrick's brother Andrew came to tailgate and go to the game with us. Clearly, he knows which team is the correct team to cheer for!

Some of my very favorite people from college:

Our coolers are twins and we had to have a picture with them. Side note: that cooler is pretty much the best little tailgate cooler ever. It's been my tailgating companion for a few years now and it is perfect for tailgate hopping with.

Clemson had a pretty awful start to the season this year. They played two top ten teams on the road {one being the #1 team in the country} and didn't come away with wins. However, with Deshaun Watson leading the team now, we seem to be doing a lot better. He had his first start this weekend and threw for 6 TD passes {school record for # of TD passes; ACC record for # of TD passes for a first start} like it was no big deal.

Um, yeah, can't wait to see what this kid does this weekend against NC State!

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend, I miss going to tailgates like that!!

  2. Yayyy! So jealous you guys got to tailgate! We've only had one home game so far this year :( On a side note, I saw the CUTEST Clemson shirt online the other day and it totally made me think of you. If only I was a Clemson fan, I would have totally gotten it!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Nothing like game day at Clemson! Looking forward to the weekend! ��

  4. I don't know why it won't post my comment, so if you get this 3 times, I'm sorry!! But anyway....I totally looked for you at the game!!! And based on your camera angle, it looks like your seats were super close to ours! (We were in the UNC section near the end zone in row X!) Love going to Clemson....y'all are seriously the nicest fans!!! :)


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