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College Football: Week 4 Nashville Edition

Whew, what a weekend! I cannot believe that we drove 8 hours to Nashville, played all day long on Friday & Saturday, attended a football game, and drove 8 hours back to Columbia all within 3 days. It was oh so much fun waking up early yesterday morning to drive the 2 hours back to Charlotte that I didn't feel like doing at 9pm Sunday night.

It's really going to bother me that I'm going out of order on my Nashville weekend, but it's time to wrap up week 4 of the college football world so we can move on to week 5. So Week 4...

{ready for the game at 10:30am}

Brunch was the first thing we needed to tackle, so we headed across Vanderbilt's campus to a place called The Pancake Pantry. All I wanted for brunch was either pancakes or waffles - I wasn't picky, either one would do. But the line for Pancake Pantry was out the door and down the street so we settled on the place next door: Jackson's Bar & Bistro.

Here's my problem with Jackson's: how the heck do you say that you serve "brunch" when you don't have pancakes OR waffles on the menu? Um, what? So I went with a delicious sounding Pulled Chicken Pasta... but they put rosemary all over it {gross}. I ended up eating about four biscuits for brunch instead {what? they were delicious!}

We ventured into the Midtown area of Nashville to have a couple drinks/watch some football at a restaurant called Soulshine. This is where I fell in love with my new favorite beer, the Yazoo Hefeweizen. It's a local Nashville beer that is delicious.

{I was confused for a Gamecock fan all day on Friday, so I tried to make it a little more obvious on Saturday that I was not}

From there we walked back by Vanderbilt and headed to a bar called Jed's, which was the Gamecock bar of choice for the weekend. The place was packed. Again, stuck with the Yazoo Hefeweizen and watched Florida take on Alabama. There were Gamecocks everywhere and I was one of the few Clemson fans brave enough to venture in there. Not brave enough to wear a Clemson t-shirt like one guy {who subsequently got booed/yelled out of the bar even though he came to that bar every week to watch football} but brave enough to have on orange shorts around that crowd.

This is where we met Patrick Davis. Patrick & I had seen him in concert last year {he opened up for Luke Bryan} and I can honestly say that I was not a fan of his music because of his USC song. But... he was actually really nice, even after finding out that I was a Clemson fan! He even shared his chicken fingers with me which, if you know me, automatically made me a fan of his. Then we decided to be those people who had to have a picture with him before he left.

After a quick trip back to the hotel & an even faster hotel shuttle to the stadium, we were ready to see some football! Our seats were fantastic {but you can't really have a bad seat in their stadium} and we had two cute little kids in front of us that I immediately made friends with. They enjoyed teaching me about how to cheer for Vandy. I enjoyed being able to put that knowledge to use two seconds into the game during the kickoff when Vandy ran the ball back for a touchdown ;)

I spent half the game watching what was going on on the field, and half the game refreshing Twitter to keep up with what was happening in Tallahassee. All I can say is that I didn't see one single play from the Clemson/FSU game and I'm not sure I'm going to watch the game even though I have it recorded on my DVR. I'm happy right now knowing that we went toe to toe with FSU, almost came away with a win, and have switched over to Watson for our starting quarterback. Everyone else who watched the game is currently sulking or really angry... and ain't nobody got time for that nonsense. I will take my optimistic view and stick with it.

Now I'm just ready to see Deshaun Watson make his first start for Clemson when they take on UNC at home this weekend!


In case you missed the other football weeks...


  1. your. pictures. wow! especially that one of the field. how was the 8 hour drive? i'm doing that this saturday up to baltimore for the panthers game sunday...

  2. What a jam packed weekend! Any football game is a lot of fun and you can never go wrong exploring a new city :) If you're ever near a Pancake Pantry again you MUST GO, but go really early. We ate there while we were in Gaitlinburg and they were the best pancakes I have ever had!

  3. You go girl on the road trippin' whew!! So much fin though!!

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