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College Football: Week 3

There are a lot of people who give me a hard time for going to so many USC games when I'm supposedly a Clemson fan. Trust me. I am a Clemson fan through & through but I do actually enjoy going to USC games {gasp!}

Here's why I go & why I enjoy it:
1. I love all college football and I'm not delusional enough to believe that Clemson plays in the best conference. The ACC isn't even the 2nd best conference. So when I have the opportunity to go to an SEC game, I'm gonna go, because I know I'm going to see a good game.
2. I do not miss Clemson home games to go to USC games. Sorry, nope, not happening. {someone please remind me of that statement when that situation inevitably happens}
3. I have a lot of friends {and family!} who love USC. When I go to a USC game, I get to tailgate and spend time with them.
4. My life, my decisions.

You know what I don't enjoy?

Sandstorm & Cocky.

Both of those things make me cringe and question why in the world I thought it was a good idea to go to a USC game in the first place. But other than that, it doesn't bother me and it doesn't make me any less a Clemson alumni/fan.

Whew. Ok. Back to our regularly scheduled programming: College Football Week 3, South Carolina vs Georgia.

We know some people currently gallivanting around France who had finally been able to call/text us around noon on Saturday. So then there was a sudden influx of pictures... especially ones of people drinking in France. We knew just how to reply.

One normal picture...

One crazy picture, #wearedrinkingtoo

On the Tailgate Menu this week:

Pigs in a Blanket
Fruit Kabobs
Sliced Apples
Sausage Dip
Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Boston Butt
Grilled Mac & Cheese
Sugar Cookies

Two things that should always be well stocked for a tailgate: your cooler & your tailgate box.

We knew that bad weather was inevitable, so when the announcement came over the PA system in the stadium that there was inclement weather in the area & everyone should take cover, we did what we knew how to do best. We pulled all the tents in closely together and kept on drinking.

An hour and half after the scheduled start time, we finally made it into the stadium and kicked off the USC/UGA game under dry skies.

Patrick: I'll get you some food. What do you want? Dippin' Dots? French Fries?
Me: French Fries! Or pizza.

Patrick returned with pizza, french fries, and chicken fingers. Oh how I love that you can get Bojangles in the stadium!

& then the rain rolled back in. We {& by we, I mean the entire stadium} stayed put through the downpour to continue watching the game. By the end of the game we were all soaked through to the skin. I'm willing to bet that had it not been so hot/humid/muggy all day and if USC was playing anyone else, people would have left.

In case you missed it, USC did pull out the win & are in a good position heading to Nashville next week to take on Vandy. And hey, guess who else is heading to Nashville next week??? :)

Can't wait to go to my first away game since 2010!... even if it isn't my team.


  1. That looks so fun! I went to a smaller liberal arts college up north, so the D1 football/tailgating concept is a bit foreign to me. I always wished I had that aspect of college, though. And I think you're entitled to support whatever teams you want -- who cares! : )

  2. You guys have such a great spread!! That was a great game this weekend!!

  3. WOW! Awesome tailgate! Wish we had Bojangles here in PA!

  4. the fact that you love football this much makes me adore you that much more.... guess what game is coming up ........... :)

  5. I love your dedication to college football! I wish I lived close enough to my college to tailgate every weekend too! All of your food looked so delicious!

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