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Columbia: Hunter Gatherer

I was all set to write a post about Hunter Gatherer, what I thought was a fairly new place in Columbia {well within like the last 5 years}, only to find out that this place has been around since 1995. Seriously??

Y'all I'm feeling totally out of the loop on this one!

Anyway, we went there the other week for Patrick's birthday dinner. He's always talking about how much he likes it there & I usually take one look at the menu and say nope, not happening. I'm always craving something other than what's on the menu for supper so we never make it there. But how do you say no to the birthday boy? You don't. So off to Hunter Gatherer we went!

Patrick and I went early so as to secure a table {because they don't have a hostess?} and we sat at the bar and had a couple drinks. HG brews their own beer and only sells their beer. I had the wheat beer, and while I'm a huge wheat beer fan, this one was just alright. Wasn't my favorite but also wasn't the worst one that I'd ever had.

After stalking out several tables and waiting for the right combination of tables to get up and leave, we finally had our group of ten seated and ready to order.

I was tempted to order just mac & cheese for dinner because yes, not only do they have an entree that is just mac & cheese but it has a goldfish cracker crust. Mhmm. You read that right - goldfish cracker crust. The pasta special on the board won out though.

Drink: HG Wheat Beer

Appetizer: Pork Belly

Main Dish: roasted chicken & sausage with whole wheat linguine in a tomato garlic sauce.

Patrick's Main Dish: pan seared duck breast with blueberry glaze over mashed potatoes & green beans

The food was unbelievably good. I might have been underwhelmed by my beer but the food more than made up for it!

This is definitely a place that I would go back to again. It was laid back, not too pricey, and I've got to try that mac & cheese.


  1. Goldfish crust on mac n cheese?? Sounds awesome!!

  2. I am always so nervous about trying new restaurants and then kick myself when they turn out being great! I'm glad you had a great time :)

  3. I hate when something like that happens and you realize you were so out of the loop! Always happens to me! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  4. toooooootally with you on the mac and cheese thing. i love me some carbs. i've even ordered just a side of mashed potatoes for dinner before.

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