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Fitness Friday: The Countdown to Kiawah

The Kiawah Half Marathon is exactly three months from tomorrow.

... what?

This race was sooooo far away when Hannah, Jessie, and I signed up for it back in January. We had an entire year to get ready for it which meant we had a solid 8 months to procrastinate the training. Pretty sure we all accomplished the procrastination part perfectly.

But reality has set in and the race is in the not-so-distant future now and the fact that I couldn't finish my entire 5K at a run 3 weeks ago is officially a problem. I've come up with plenty of excuses and reasons why I didn't run that entire race, and I could tell you all about them, but that doesn't change anything. The only thing that is going to change or make a difference is getting out there and training.

{post Greek Fest 5K}

Hannah & I have taken to the Greenway four times since we ran that race.

You know what?

I actually look forward to running now.

It's my time in the afternoon to escape from everything else & just run.

It's my time to listen to the new Maroon 5 album on repeat.

It's my time to mentally plan tailgates and what I want to cook/bring to the next one.

It's my time to be unavailable to the world for a little while.

It's my time to challenge myself to go further/faster than the last time.

On our first outing, we ran 2.5 miles. We ran out a mile and a quarter, turned around, and ran back. The next run we decided to do a full 5K and we ran 3.1 miles. We needed a picture to document it and to send to Jessie.

Then Hannah decided to push herself one Saturday and run 4 miles. Well, ok, let's jump from 3.1 miles to 4 miles.

We did it!

TWICE in one week!

{um, yeah, we're taking a picture after every run with our distance... we're proud of that distance, alright?}

Being able to do that is huge for both Hannah and me. Just three weeks ago we were unable to run an entire 5K. Now? Now we're running 4 miles at a 9:56/mile pace. We're also both enjoying running and we actually look forward to our afternoon runs.

What a difference 3 weeks has made.

In 3 weeks I've managed to find the perfect running partner, have managed to set up a running schedule, have added distance to my runs, and have improved on my time.

Running 13.1 miles doesn't seem so scary or unattainable anymore. Don't get me wrong. We're still a long way from being able to run 13.1 miles but... we're getting there.


Linking up today with Sam at Pancake Warriors! I met Sam a few years ago at the gym - she was the crazy bootcamp instructor kicking my butt every week in class. But you know what? I loved the class, I loved the workout, and I missed it so much when the gym cancelled her class. Thank goodness for Pancake Warriors! One, we all know I love pancakes so hello, the name of the blog got my attention. But two, her blog is full of great workouts & girl knows what she is doing.

Going back to that bootcamp class though, she used to start off every class with a one mile run around the neighborhood next to the gym. Wanna know who did that like two times before opting for the elliptical over the running? This girl. My how things have changed since then.


  1. You go girl!! (girls!) I'd love to say I could do that without passing out or calling an ambulance! haha Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  2. So great how your are looking forward to training now!! You're going to do so well in the race!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. I hate running so 5Ks are the perfect distance for me. Not too long but long enough that I feel like I did something! SO impressed you're doing 13.1 miles! Good luck with your training, just think... all the calories you'll burn = more cupcakes and tailgating food without the guilt :)

  4. Hey girl - I found you through the linkup! Stay positive on your half marathon training. I trained for my first one through the WORST WINTER ever, and I never thought I was going to make it! Just take it one run at a time and do your best! I can't wait to see how you do! :)

    If you're interested, check out my post 'The Reality of Training for Your First Half Marathon': http://sweetsandbeets.com/2014/08/26/the-reality-of-training-for-your-first-half-marathon/

  5. It helps 100% to have someone to run with when your training. Your pace is really good! I am currently training for a half marathon as well. Good luck with your training. If you have any questions feel free to send them my way. I also just did a post on running nutrition that might be helpful!


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