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College Football: Week 1

Whew. What a way to kick off the season this weekend! There were friends, family, food, and {absolutely awesome} football. 

It all started when USC kicked off against UNC on Thursday night at 6pm and finished up a little after midnight on Sunday morning when Clemson lined up in victory formation as the final seconds ticked off the clock. Two fantastic games {one a little better than the other!} and a lot of good tailgating.

Ok, I know, there was more football going on outside of the state of South Carolina but is there any other state out there that can boast having two top 10 teams? I wonder if when the polls come out on Tuesday if I'll be changing that statement from two top 10 teams to two top 5 teams. I'm totally ok with USC's success only when Clemson is right up there with them. I'm going to be very curious to see if USC manages to stay ahead of Clemson in the polls. Here's to Clemson jumping them!

The next few weeks are going to be such a let down after the build up to this game. Clemson plays South Carolina State on the 7th, then a bye week on the 14th, and then a Thursday night game on the 19th against NC State. NC State tends to beat either Clemson or Florida State at home every year, depending on which one they get at home. This year... it's Clemson.

In 2011, Clemson rolled into Raleigh ranked #7 in the country and got steamrolled 37-13.
In 2012, FSU rolled into Raleigh ranked #3 in the country and got edged out, 17-16.

But... Dabo said let's talk about the things that Clemson has done, not the things that Clemson hasn't done.

#8 Clemson hosted ESPN College Gameday and Lee Corso did NOT pick Clemson to win the game:

& then Clemson decided to ignore Lee Corso's pick and play their little hearts out against #6 Georgia & can anyone says Tajh for Heisman?!

College Football - welcome back.

{USC vs UNC, 8.29.13}

{USC vs UNC, 8.29.13}

 {USC vs UNC, 8.29.13}

 {ESPN College Gameday, 8.31.13}

{Clemson vs UGA, 8.31.13} 

 {Clemson vs UGA, 8.31.13}

 {Clemson vs UGA, 8.31.13}

 {Clemson vs UGA, 8.31.13}

{Clemson 38, UGA 35}

I won't be attending any Clemson or USC games for three weeks {insert dramatic sigh here} but next week, when the NFL kicks off, I'll be in search of a bar in uptown to watch the Panthers/Seahawks game. Check back next week to see what I come up with!

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