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Post Hog Jog 5K


Still not under 30 minutes though. Suggestion: don't take 7 weeks of in between 5Ks. Lesson learned.

It was absolutely perfect weather for running a 5K - about 70 degrees, sunny, and a light breeze. 

Charlotte Sports did a great job organizing the race. The pre-race packet pick up was incredibly easy {& the free passes to the Greek Festival didn't hurt}, they gave a list of parking garage suggestions, and signing in the day of the race took two seconds. Throughout the course they had someone stationed at every street to keep you along the path and my favorite part, they had markers out for each mile the official time clocks next to them. The only big downside of the race was that we all sort of lined up but there was no official "hey the race is starting!" so it was a little weird start for most of us towards the back of the group.

About a block or so down from our race start, there was a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb going on at the Duke Energy building. There were dozens fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and lots of people surrounding the building... supposedly a pink fire truck too but I missed that one.

 Hands down, the worst part of the run was starting the loop back towards the finish line and getting the idea in my head that the Duke Energy building was the finish area. You could see it the whole time so I kept using that to judge how much distance I had left. Nope. Lies. It was definitely another block or two past the building.

By the way, this playlist was awesome to run to:

& these people are awesome to run with. I'm glad that I work for a company where we all like to hang out & do things outside of work. I know there's absolutely no way I would be running 5Ks right now if it weren't for them.

Way to go everyone! Especially Kevin who completed his first ever 5K & Jessie who got 2nd place in her age group.

Ready for the next one! Maybe that one will finally be under 30 min :)

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